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No handler was found for message type 'Microsoft.Mashup.Evaluator.MessageBasedOutputStream+BinaryChu

I keep running into this issue often. Is there any way to resolve this? How do we even raise a new issue through Power BI community. It only asks for new idea, but I couldn't find "report an issue" button or something like that. Am I missing something here? This UI needs vast revamping interms of userfriendliness. I'm reporting an issue through a 'new idea'.

Feedback Type:
Frown (Error)

Error Message:
No handler was found for message type 'Microsoft.Mashup.Evaluator.MessageBasedOutputStream+BinaryChunkMessage'.

Stack Trace:
at Microsoft.Mashup.Evaluator.MessageHandlers.Dispatch(IMessageChannel channel, Message message)
at Microsoft.Mashup.Evaluator.ChannelMessenger.ChannelMessageHandlers.TryDispatch(IMessageChannel channel, Message message)

Status: New
Community Support

Hi @aarthirockz ,

In which situation when you faced with error message, in Desktop or Service?

When facing with this error message, what did you do for the report, just open, refresh, edit or anything else?


Basically needs more information about this issue.


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Yingjie Li

Microsoft Employee

In the power BI desktop. It keeps happening and is still not resolved. And when it happened I tried to restart the Power BI again and try refresh again. I reauthenticated with the SQL data and then tried refresh again and it still gave the same issue.  I see a popup with a totally useless error message as "No handler was found for message type 'Microsoft.Mashup.Evaluator.MessageBasedOutputStream+BinaryChunkMessage'." The only option was to "cancel" Then when I cancel, I see UI as below that the load/refresh was cancelled.







P.S: Being a dev at MSFT, I'm appalled by this Power BI community's user friendliness of the UI.

Regular Visitor

Also getting this in desktop, on refresh.

Regular Visitor

I'm also getting this error. This happens when I refresh or reload data. Let me know if any further information is needed because we need this fixed ASAP.

Regular Visitor

In my situation, there was an underlying error in a stored procedure being called by the refresh. However one would not expect that to trigger this baffling error message.

Advocate I

I started getting this problem yesterday on Power BI desktop. No data is able to refresh, is it a server issue or a power bi desktop issue? @whyAnotherAccnt judging by your response it was a server issue, can you elaborate a bit more?

Frequent Visitor

We have been having this issue with one of our reports since last week. Along with this error we get another message about a duplicated value in one of the dim tables. However, when I check the source in DW, no duplicates.

Advocate I

In my case the error was a duplicated value @TD07 , the error message on Power BI Desktop did not help at all however luckily on the Power BI Services it clearly showed the duplicated value. Using that i fixed the query and now i no longer have a problem.


@YunNC  and @aarthirockz if you have the data model published to the power bi service try refreshing it on the services and you should see what the problem is.

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Also having the exact same problem. 

Whats strange is that refresh preview seems to be working in power query/transform data. It's only when I go and refresh the visual. 

I am going to try re-install power bi deskptop to see if that helps. 

** Update ** Re-installing did not help. Also checked a few different reports, but same problem. 

Advocate I

@Anonymous , Yes the preview will work because it doesnt take accout the relationships.


If youre model is not too big remove all 1 to many relationships and try refresh, it should work. When you rebuild the relationships you will find which table is causing the problem.


Good luck