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New visual grouping feature showing border on published reports

I've been using the new visual grouping feature (Aug 19th update) and it's fantastic......although i'm having some visual issues when publishing the reports to the service. As you can see in the screenshot below, the border of the grouped visuals is appearing when hovering over the report.  This happends whether you have visual headers enabled/hidden or not.  I hope this can be fixed soon as it does ruin the user experience slightly








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Community Support

@RyanBentham ,


I think this issue should have been resolved in the latest version of power bi. The border line snaps to the edge of the visual on my side.



Jimmy Tao

Kudo Commander

Thanks @v-yuta-msft but this was using the latest version... grouped visuals only became available in the Aug version I believe. 


The issue is with the display of grouped visuals where you can still see the border of the group.

Advocate III

Same problem

Skilled Sharer

Hi @RyanBentham, I was coming onto the forum to ask about the same issue as it is still behaving like this for me.


Have you came across a solution to this? Completely agree that it does have an impact on the user experience.

Kudo Commander

Hi @jcarville 


It still seems to be an issue unfortunately


I only really use the grouped feature to group visuals for bookmarking and to duplicate sets of visuals.   The basic workaround I guess is to just ungroup the visuals before publushing the report but that does mean everything has to be re-grouped again etc.   Pretty annoying isn't it!



Skilled Sharer

Ah unfortunate, I use it for the exact same reasons as yourself. It makes bookmarks so much easier but this is the downside.


Hopefully someone see's this on the PBI team and implements a fix soon.

Advocate II

same issue here. Any resolution in the works?

Not applicable

I have the same issue. When I am grouping elements on the report later on published reports when the user clicks any of visualization from the group the gray border appears and disapears only if the user clicks on something else. Now, the only solution is ungrouping all visualizations or changing visual headers to the old style.