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Missing data when using Cube.AttributeMemberID (July 2022 version)

Beginning today, I am receiving no data when connecting to SAP HANA and using the Cube.AttributeMemberID function in Power Query on a field. Could this be an issue with the July 2022 version? Or do I need to modify the Power Query some how? There is no error given during refresh, the column is just blank in the resulting dataset. 

Status: Delivered

This issue has been fixed in Power BI Desktop August 2022 version 2.108.997.0(Download Microsoft Power BI Desktop from Official Microsoft Download Center).

Advocate I

1 The version number of your July 2022 Power BI Desktop, you could check it by following the screenshot


2 Info of this issue including the data source type, connection mode, connector used, slice of data and applied steps.




3 The steps of reproducing this issue and the screenshot of the result of each step


4 Try with older versions to see whether this issue will take place and let me know the version numbers that can work properly

The temporary workaround I implemented was reverting back to the June 2022 version of Power BI Desktop and there is no issue. 



Helper I

how do you download the older version?

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This is still not working - I downloaded an older verions and when i add in a new attribute it doesnt work. Do we know when this will be fixed by?

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I have this issue as well. There aren't any workarounds to get Key instead of Text next to the Cube Attribute Member ID function?

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I couldn't find any way around it, others noted that installing earlier versions of desktop have corrected the issue. 

I didn't have that as an option (many desktop users), so converted any CubeAttributeMemberID queries to SQL instead.  This can be done during creating SAP HANA database connection, using the Advanced options (and if you know the metadata, although this can be seen in the exisitng query).  You can then edit the SQL in power query advanced editor. I did this in a seperate .pbix file until I had the same output as needed. Then I pasted the SQL into the existing power query advanced editor. 



Helper I

can you show how to edit SQL in power query?

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Hi homboy27,

We use HANA 2.0 and use HDI namespace approach. In this example there are no restictions, we are getting everything from a database table.  I am assuming that you have access to the database.

On your query you add server & port, and the sql that you need -


This is not really important because you can update later.


Once done you can open Advanced Editor and make changes as needed.

I removed the '#(lf)' in example below and formatted so it is easier to read.



example format -

SapHana.Database("YourDatabase:DbPort", [Query=
""FIELDONE"" as ""Field One"",
""FIELDTWO"" as ""Field Two""
FROM ""Schema"".""CalculationView""
", Implementation="2.0"])


Tip: If you are not sure of the schema and view name you can look at the native query that the Cube.AttributeMemberID query is using - right click on the Applied Steps (until you find one that can display)->  View Native Query 

Helper I

We are facing the same issue on a SAP HANA view queried with Cube.AttributeMemberID.
This issue occurs both in Power BI Services (we use an Enterprise gateway and pb occured in the July version) and Power BI Desktop in the kuly version too.

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Same issue here, but I'm glad to know that you are investigating it 🙂

I would like only say that my version isn't the same of the screen above : Version: 2.107.841.0 64-bit (July 2022)

I suppose that the issue is still present with a slightly newer version ?