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May 2020 version Power BI Desktop - ESRI ArcGIS maps settings ignored

The settings of the Esri ArcGIS map are ignored. It worked a few days ago, but now it does not anymore. I tested the April 2020 and May 2020 version of Power BI Desktop, but the April version works fine. It seems to be broken in May. 


I have a dataset with addresses in Belgium. The map's Location Type settings are set to "Boundaries, One Country, Belgium, Postcodes2". The location data contains 2 digit post codes.

The map is zoomed at The Netherlands (my country) and no data is displayed. If I go into the map's edit screen I see that the setting "Boundaries, One Country, Belgium, Postcodes2" is gone. It now shows "Boundaries, One Country, United States, Zip Codes". 


If I change the settings and press OK, and then Back to report the map shows like it should. If I close my pbix file and reopen it, and go to the page with the map, it shows a blank map of the Netherlands again. The settings do not seem to be saved. 

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Hi @waltheed


Would you mind providing a pbix file? If it is, please remove sensitive data in the report, upload pbix file to your OneDrive for Business then paste the share link here. Thanks. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

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Thanks for your reply.

An example file is here: test arcgis map.pbix

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I have same problem - symbol style and other ArcGIS Maps settings on all maps got reset. Setting everything from scratch and saving doesn't seem to solve the problem - as if the settings were just ignore, like @waltheed said.


Please fix ASAP - without the ability to roll back to a previous release, this renders us unable to publish any changes to the online service without simultaneously breaking all mapping components.

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I have the same issue.


All my profile map settings desapear when I reopen the file or if I change of sheet and come back to map sheet.



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Same issue here.

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Same issue here

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Is there any news on this. Have you been able to reproduce the issue? 


Thanks, Edgar

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I am able to recreate this in PowerBI desktop every time.

If you switch to another page in the .pbix, when you go back to the map page it has dropped the reference layer.
If you save the .pbix with the map page selected, when you reopen the file the map displays correctly.
If you switch to another page then save an close the .pbix, when you reopen it and go back to the map page it drops the refernece layer.
If you publish the file the map page displays correctly even if you switch to a different page on the web then back.

It is the act of re-selecting the map page in the .pbix file that causes the reference layer to drop.

When created the reference layer showsWhen created the reference layer showsAfter selecting a different page then going back the reference layer is dropped.After selecting a different page then going back the reference layer is dropped.

I have uploaded my sample file for you to take a look at.

Power BI Desktop Version: 2.81.5831.821 64-bit (May 2020)

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I Just installed the June version and that seems to have fixed the problem.

Version: 2.82.5858.641 64-bit (June 2020)