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Line Chart Forecast Throws An Error On Power BI Online Service

Hello Team,


I have a simple line chart that shows sales for the last three years and then I added the trend line from the analytics tab and

I also have added a forecast trend line. It was working for the last two weeks then suddenly, it stopped working,  get this error below:-


If I download the report to my computer, and use power bi desktop app, the line chart works just fine, the forecast works and I don't get any error, it only stopped working on the cloud service in Power BI this morning.


I am thinking this is a bug, I also have used a different dataset completely and tried replicating the issue and the line chart right away throws an error when I try to add the forecast line. The trend line is fine, its the forecast that drives the entire visual to throw an error and fail to display result.


Note: I do have a Power BI Pro license


Any suggestions please!


Thank you




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Currently this issue should be fixed already in Power BI Service as far as I know and test, please check it again.


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Yingjie Li

Community Support
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Could not reproduce it in my side as far as my test. It may related to the data source instead of the trend line of the visual.


Which data source of this report and the connection mode, has this report been configured correctly and not changed by anyone others?


If the report was not been changed, if you are the creator of the report, you can try to publish this report to different workspaces in Power BI Service to check it again.


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Yingjie Li

Advocate III

@v-yingjl , thanks for your kind reply.


I am the data owner and no one else has access to change data as they only have read access to view the reports.


I tried uploading the same dataset from my desktop power bi app to another online power bi workspace, same result exactly. Visual throws an error and doesn't display anything!


On the power bi desktop app, the forecast works like magic, even the predictions are pretty solid most of the days, but on the online services, the visual give error, once I remove the date and forecast, the sales trend line shows fine, I can show the anamolies as well with no problems , but forecast doesnt work, sometimes when I play with dates, it throws an error of irregular data and is not able to show forecast, but when I choose specfic period or the entire data that used to work before two days, the visual right away throw an error and is not able to display anything.


Its really helpful if it works on the online services as I have a lot of reports for many users and now I will have to use the desktop app and extract data manually and email it to users one by one which is a real pain and waste of time.


Not sure if you have any other suggestions! Thanks again 



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Same problem happened on my side. The visual worked till Wednesday 12PM. On desktop it works fine but on service it throws the exact same error.


Thanks in advance.


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I am having this exact problem since today. Nothing, absolutely nothing has changed yet every report in my workspace that has a forecast visual is throwing an error. This spawns multiple PBIX files and different pages in these reports. The problem is occurring both in the Report itself as well as when published as an App.


To be clear, these reports have been fully functional for months and it works find win PBI Desktop.


Thank you!





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Guys, I think this is a bug on the online Power BI platform, can the Microsoft team please attempt to fix this? 

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Reporting the same error.


I have tried multiple datasets, I have disabled the new format pane, none of it worked.


Clearly appears to be a problem with the platform as it only happens after publishing and I can prove it with the following test.


1 - Create a dashboard with a line chart and publish it, Do NOT add any forecast.

2 - Edit the dashboard through the web portal.

3 - Select the line chart and select the analytics pane.

4 - Add a forecast.


As soon as you do this the visualisation breaks and the analytics pane is deactivated.

Regular Visitor

Same issue here as well.


Line charts with forecasting were updated yesterday by publishing from PBI desktop and now show "Can't display this visual". They were last published via PBI desktop on March 31 without issue. 


Line charts with forecasting currently display without issue in desktop but when published to the service they error.


Error Details:

Activity ID: 84d8b61a-7ca7-4c72-8b51-26ad69668030
Request ID: b25e1277-6525-1140-34a4-820c17d6f5cf
Correlation ID: 9fce02d4-1afd-e7c6-7dec-a04e97620098
Time: Sat Apr 16 2022 01:21:47 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)
Service version: 13.0.18082.40
Client version: 2204.2.10821-train
Cluster URI:

Frequent Visitor

Yes i am also facing same issue..hope it resolve soon


Advocate I

Same error on my side. Charts with forecats line are not displayed

Community Support
Status changed to: Accepted

Thanks for providing the reproduce steps, have submited this issue internal to confirm(ICM: 302578079), would update here as soon as possible if there is any progress about it.


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Yingjie Li