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LIne and clustered column chart conditional formating values


Bug: when more than one field is placed into "column values",you will   find  the options to set Contitional format for line and clustered column chart  disappeared. Is it a bug or it has to be? doesnt make any sense

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Community Support

@jja ,


I have made a test but could not reproduce this issue. Could still use conditional formatting in some section like background color as below. Please check if power bi desktop has been updated to the latest version.




Jimmy Tao

Helper III
Helper III

Hi @v-yuta-msft 

I do not want to format background i want to conditionaly format column colors in the Data colors section.

See conditional formating is missing


data colors.PNG

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I have the same problem too. It was there the last time I used it. Is it because of powerbi desktop version?

Frequent Visitor

Hi! I am on the July 2020 version from store.
And Im also having problem with conditional formatting, in the Data colors section. Where is the field of conditional formatting?? And even no any hidden "three dots" for it.


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I found the conditional formatting button...

You have to remove the measures you place for "line", then the button will appear. 

After you change the conditional formatting rules/colours, you can put back your measures under "line". Not sure why we have to do it...but it's so inconvenient. It's making me spend more time doing adjustments. 

I am thinking it might be due to the latest changes in July 2020.


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@Anonymous Wow! Thank you! And totally agree with you.