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Issue with IBM DB2 connector October 2022 release of Power BI Desktop and the Power BI Service

Since October 24th 2022 the Microsoft version of the IBM DB2 connector returns an error on both Import and DirectQuery when working with JDEdwards on an IBM DB2 database (I haven't tried with other databases and tables).

"HISMPCB0002 In BasePrimitiveConverter the SetCodePage method has been called with a invalid codepage: 937"


This goes for the Power BI Desktop October 2022 version as well as the Power BI Service. When I roll back to the PBI Desktop September version I have no errors with my report. But when I publish the report to the service, the error reappears. Unfortunately this prevents us from doing any reports on the database. See also debate on

Solved: Re: Error Message Trying to Hit iSeries DB2 - Microsoft Power BI Community

which does not contain a solution even though it is marked as solved.

Status: Needs Info

Hi @hannibalmads ,


power bi desktop has been updated for November version, have you tried using the latest version? Can you connect successfully?


Best regards,

Community Support Team Selina zhu

Advocate I

Just tried the 1/10/2023 release.  Not fixed.  Can you please place this to the top of the queue...

Helper II

Not good! Especially when they said it would be fixed. Do you have a new ETA @waynesteele ?

Microsoft Employee

The 10-JAN-2023 release was a minor QFE release. It did not contain the Db2 fix.

I know and understand that all releases look the same from your perspective.  You call tell the difference after you install it by looking at the Help | About text. The 10-JAN release still has "December 2022" after the version number.

The upcoming release with the Db2 fix will reference 2023 in this text.

Last I heard, the tentative date for this release was 2-FEB-2023.



Advocate V

@waynesteele Just curious as to why this hasn't been added to the Power BI known issues page - or communicated to customers outside of these forums? These issues are pretty critical and I'm sure are impacting many customers. 


It's totally understandable that bugs occur - all we're asking for is communication on some of the larger/more impactul ones 🙂

Not applicable

@waynesteele do you have an update on the expected release date of this patch? 2/2/23 has rolled around, and I do not see a patch. 


Also, as @Joshrodgers123 said, why has this issue not been posted to the Power BI known issues page? 

Advocate III

In all fairness tbacon, Wayne tells you the tentative date for the February release is today. I expect that the February release contains much more than this fix and therefore depending on other fixes and new features. Also, he does not mention a separate patch, he says it is included in the next release which hopefully is just around the corner . 

Microsoft Employee

The currently targeted date for the SU2 release - for both Power BI Desktop, and for the On-Premises Data Gateway - is February 13.

And yes, this is the full next release, and not a patch.


Advocate III

Power BI February 2023 released yesterday fixes this issue.

Not applicable

Hi @waynesteele  & @hannibalmads ,


This issue is corrected in the Power BI Desktop February 2023 release (2.114.664.0 64-bit (February 2023)), but not corrected in the Power BI on-premises gateway/service once the report is published to the service.


The latest update I can find for the on-premises gateway is December 2022. The latest update that doesn't appear to have this issue is September 2022 update (3000.142.14). Are we able to escalate why Microsoft hasn't updated their gateway service since December 2022 and why this issue has persisted in versions since Sept 2022?


Thank you for the support

Advocate III

Hi @Anonymous 

The Gateway version is released after the Desktop release. It varies from month to month how many days between.

There is no need to escalate anything. There is/was no January 2023 release on either products.

I have no insights on why this issue from September 2022 hasn't been included before but I imagine that there is some testing before various fixes are applied.

Hopefully we will see the gateway of February 2023 just around the corner.