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Issue-Can not publish power bi app

I can not publish some of power bi apps since yesterday. Got error message below.

Activity ID: 99fd8e23-d9ea-42f7-9a7a-1aeba6a5c710
Request ID: 8eacd8de-8197-60cd-9ba3-e6d65281bb60
Correlation ID: 566efdce-10de-a326-d23f-3c34a25151db
Time: Wed Jul 27 2022 21:46:27 GMT-0500 (北美中部夏令时间)
Service version: 13.0.18709.42
Client version: 2207.3.12389-train
Cluster URI:

Status: Accepted

Currently about the fix release for different clusters in this issue that you can refer(as expected):

  1. US-NORTH-CENTERAL: 2022/8/9
  3. US-EAST: 2022/8/11
  4. North-Europe: 2022/8/12


You can find your cluster in the cluster url from the error message.


In addition, you can try the workaround provided by @Felix4356 which would be helpful:

Open all report builder reports in your workspace, you can use a right click to open each one to separate tabs in your browser.  No need to run each one, just close each tab that you just opened.  Then publish


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Yingjie Li

Regular Visitor

We dont' see a problem with an app whose workspace does not contain any paginated reports, but your mileage may vary....

Not applicable

😀SOLVED for me, by removing two invalid emails. The Power BI interface, post-upgrade, does not currently indicate dud email addresses when you try to publish😖, so I pasted the lot (327!😫) into Outlook and let it validate them. Once I removed the bad ones, it published without the cryptic error message😁.

New Member

same issue. cannot publish app.

Activity ID: 25019cf0-a1e1-4247-8522-5086fdf4d941
Request ID: 92085e55-f036-505c-aa22-8a81ab0d606a
Correlation ID: 80ca2678-c38a-40a2-5c91-2bb53f28451a
Time: Tue Jan 24 2023 17:29:47 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time)
Service version: 13.0.19866.57
Client version: 2301.2.11954-train
Cluster URI: