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Intermittent refresh failures: Data source timed out

I was asked to re-post this into this specific forum:


We are struggling with intermittent refresh failures. These failures occur across two different On-Premise Data gateway servers that we have.  We have scheduled refreshes running all the time, against many different data sources (SQL DBs, Oracle DBs, ODBC connects etc) many times they work and other times they simply fail with this error message.  It does not seem to matter which data source or which Gateway, we continue see intermittent failures of this type. 


Refreshes from Power-BI desktop do not have refresh issues.


We have logging enabled on both Gateways but thus far, have not really found anything useful in helping identify the issue.


We are using HTTPS mode on both Gateways


Failure can happen both with schedule refresh and using the "refresh now" button


 Has anyone else run into issues like this?


Last refresh failed: Thu Mar 28 2019 09:03:02 GMT-0600 (Mountain Daylight Time) 
Before the data import for BACK QUERY - ALL TYPES finished, its data source timed out. Double-check whether that data source can process import queries, and if it can, try again.


Cluster URI:

Activity ID:


Request ID:



2019-03-28 15:03:2Z

Status: New
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I'm having the same problems so I'm planning to set up a flow to refresh my most important datasets whenerver I get an e-mail in teams.
Far from ideal if you ask ma..

Can you confirm your solution solved the problem for you?


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@kris999 yes, my solution solved the problem 100%. In my case the problem was multiple logons on the PC that was hosting the OPDG, which is a Win10Pro. I don't know if I would have the same problem on a Windows Server workstation, I haven't tried.


All the best!

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Am also facing the same issue with the gateway. Its says me 

'Before the data import for undefined finished, its data source timed out. Double-check whether that data source can process import queries, and if it can, try again.'


The gateway was working fine till yesterday and now its showing this particular message.


All the datasources are online and gateway service is running.


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Did anyone ever come to a resolution for this issue?
I recently came across this issue with some of our reports. I have tried just about everything others have used in this thread.