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I cannot export to pdf or powerpoint

I couldn't find the support, so I will try here. I can't export Power BI to pdf which is essential to my work. 


The status code is the 200 and the following shows as an error message: 


Aktivitets-id: 7d5f74fe-f3b7-4be9-b2a7-f1904a57995e
Anmodnings-id: 9e5e2037-e9c6-a294-ee18-de2f348b5a75
Korrelations-id: b937b604-678e-2417-a41f-22bc093db932
Statuskode: 200
Klokkeslæt: Tue Jan 25 2022 09:48:06 GMT+0100 (Centraleuropæisk normaltid)
Tjenesteversion: 13.0.17535.35
Klientversion: 2201.3.09479-train


How do I fix it?

Status: Delivered

Hi All,


Fix for the issue should have been deployed into the product environment. Please check at your side to see whether this issue still happens. Thanks in advance!


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _ Caiyun

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I have the same issue when attempting to export to PowerPoint.


Regular Visitor

We are also getting this error: 



Frequent Visitor

I'm experiencing the same issue



Activity ID: f683ba81-bfbb-4b8a-80cd-3d8ed09c9f7b
Request ID: 839ffcce-c51d-0aae-8464-b7e316b23b3b
Correlation ID: df29ac65-06f2-13ee-3e84-d72f4d23e1a0
Status code: 200
Time: Tue Jan 25 2022 12:38:11 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time)
Service version: 13.0.17535.37
Client version: 2201.3.09697-train
Cluster URI:

Community Support
Status changed to: Investigating

Hi @Anonymous 


There are some considerations and limitations on exporting a report to PDF or PowerPoint.

  • Reports with more than 50 report pages currently can’t be exported
  • Reports larger than 500MB currently can’t be exported
  • Reports owned by a user outside your tenant can’t be exported
  • Reports being exported to older versions of PowerPoint.
  • Reports that take longer than an hour to process.
  • Report pages that take longer than 6 minutes to load.

For more limitations, please refer to Export reports from Power BI to PDF and Export a report to PowerPoint and check your target report with it.


In addition, please try to clear the cache of your browser and then export again.


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _ Caiyun

New Member

Same issue today


Activity ID: d392ee2c-1fea-497b-8850-ccc2b0f8fa28
Request ID: ddb214d5-a54b-280e-f6eb-4e80c696e310
Correlation ID: b4a411b7-be20-d8d6-77f0-3543d6654f93
Status code: 200
Time: Wed Jan 26 2022 09:55:56 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time)
Service version: 13.0.17576.28
Client version: 2201.4.09695-train
Cluster URI:

Advocate I

Same issue here across multiple computers and browsers. Hopefully this is resolved soon.



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Same issue




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We are having the same issue on a selection of reports but not all. we have tried publishing to a different workspace. It is not user-specific as we have tried with many users. We have also have cleared the credentials from the dataset.


We have tried in a Different browser and the tenant settings are set to allow.


Thank you for your time on this.



Advocate I

Hey everyone, I just want to let you know that I contact Microsoft about this and they are aware of the issue and confirm it is server side. They also said this issue should be fixed in the first half of February.

My workaround is exporting to PDF from the desktop application. If you have problems exporting in the desktop application then make sure all your relationships are connected correctly.

Hope this helps!

Frequent Visitor

We might have found a workaround.


Check the other pages of the report by trying to export is it just one page that is failing to export?


Check that page for images and items that are not being used. We found Cards under the user's main tables, Deleted them and it worked. So if you are looking for a fix. Try deleting it and recreating each Visualisation until you find the visual that is stopping the export, delete it and recreate.


Kind Regards