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Formatting Issue Titles / White Borders in Service



As per this community discussion, a change to the borders around titles in some visualisations has caused multiple problems across the Service and Mobile versions. This does not occur on Power BI desktop.



Status: Delivered
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Why can’t Microsoft rollback the latest changes? How did this pass QA, or UAT testing by the product team? This is costing my company potential profit, since some of our impacted reports drive productivity.

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So relieved to have found this post! This change is driving me crazy. Microsoft please help!

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This kind of amateurish service is unacceptable. My organization is surely going to take this into account when considering whether to keep using PBI or not.

Community Support

Hi all:

This is the new awareness in the Power BI support page:



Thank you very much!


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _Robert Qin

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Same issue with EDGE and Chrome.
I have de problem too in Line Chart and Slicers.

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As of 2021-09-18 11:45 EDT, all of the visuals in our reports seem to have been restored to the originally-intended format (no 5 px padding). US-NORTH-CENTRAL.

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Still broken for my content despite the report from @DP86 

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Hello All,


This issue seem restore and back to normal. All data is readable now.

From APAC region.

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[Europe] Items on Power BI Service still unformatted even with no more announcements on , anyone with the same problem?

NPinto_0-1632128080794.png  VS NPinto_1-1632128096972.png



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Issue still persists in the Netherlands