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Formatting Issue Titles / White Borders in Service



As per this community discussion, a change to the borders around titles in some visualisations has caused multiple problems across the Service and Mobile versions. This does not occur on Power BI desktop.



Status: Delivered
New Member

Same issue here. Dashboards are looking improper. Please have it fixed on the priority.



New Member

Worst Visual ever I have seen, need to correct it as earlier. 

New Member

Hey MS, quiet simple really. Revert or fix it.

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Facing the same issue...

Regular Visitor

What is this, amateur hour?!? 

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MS is treating us like amateurs with lack of response and our bosses will think of us as amateurs if we dont get corrected.  

Helper V

What happened. I don't understand why it would change from Desktop to the service. Not cool. Please change it bak.

Community Support


I’ve got this latest updated message from pg:


We've identified an issue where visuals are getting 5px less space than before with this latest update.  To push a fix will take some time, however -- our current ETA will be to deploy the fix starting early next week

As a workaround, set the top padding in the Border card to 0.  The border may need to be enabled and set to a clear color (matching background or with conditional-formatting color with the alpha set to 0) in order to change this value.  Alternatively, once the fix is deployed, no change will need to be made.


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _Robert Qin

Advocate I

@v-robertq-msft Regarding the workaround: set the top padding in the Border card to 0 


There is no padding property for border. All it has is Color and Radius.



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@v-robertq-msft I too have verified that there is no "padding" option available. However, if there were, for many of us such a workaround is not practical due to the multitude of workbooks that are being used by our organizations. That means that our reports will remain broken for a week or longer. Why can't MS rollback the update that caused this and re-release once it's fixed?