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Field Conditional formatting is not working in slicer

I am on the latest version of Power BI July 2020.

I created a measure 



Color Brand filter = if(ISFILTERED('Item'[Brand]),"Green","Blue")




Slicer allows conditional color formatting at three places: title (Font and background), background, and border.


I applied conditional color formatting on the title background and the border color.

I have also created a card and displayed that measure and done font formatting.


When I do not select a value in the slicer; the color should be blue. Perfect for both card and slicer it works. Once, I select any value, it should be green, it happens on the card, not on the slicer.


Please find the screenshot and attached pbix.

Screenshot 2020-07-16 22.40.44.pngScreenshot 2020-07-16 22.40.50.png




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The issue is reported internally : CRI 196942409.

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Hi! I am on the July 2020 version from store.
And Im also having problem with conditional formatting, but for the Data colors section. Where is the field of conditional formatting?? And even no any hidden "three dots" for it.


Community Support



This is by design.

The source visual doesn't filter itself, it filters other visuals (target visuals).

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@v-chuncz-msft Is there any update to this as it's still an issue in November 2020 release.


Can you please provide feedback on  CRI 196942409 as to its resolution status.

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The issue illustrated by @amitchandak is still present in the August 2021 release.

Any update on when it is expected to be resolved?

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Issue still persists!

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Any update on this issue? 

why we'd have a conditional formating if it doesn`t work properly?

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This still doesn't work. Why are the options there is they don't work?

Resolver III

Still doesnt work as of Oct 24 2022 :(:(:(:(