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Failed to update data source credentials



I built a report in Power BI desktop from excel table stored in Sharepoint.

I published this report in power BI service and created a dashboard. 

Everytime I am trying to update the report I receive the following error message : 

Failed to update data source credentials.Hide details

Activity ID:2e9a503f-01c4-429f-a266-e091d0b336b0
Request ID:176e7558-f852-d8bf-a2d6-6c9f0a04cf62
Status code:400
Time:Thu Mar 02 2017 10:22:45 GMT+1100 (AUS Eastern Daylight Time)
Cluster URI:


Also I can not load my organisation Dynamics data. 


What can I do ? 


Thank you 





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New Member
I have the same problem now.
Microsoft Employee

@jlassabliere @IvanParedes365


Which authentication method do you select here? Can you edit and update the credential successfully in Power BI Service? Is gateway used here? Can you refresh the dataset properly in Power BI Desktop with the same authentication?


Best Regards,


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Helper I

I'm having the exact same issue but trying to connect to salesforce data. It was working everyday until yesterday

Helper I

We were able to solve the situation by resetting the profile of the user we are using to connect from PowerBI to salesforce.

New Member
Hi, I am having this issue "Failed to update data source credentials" when trying to connect to Dynamics 365 from within Power BI. I am using OAuth2 authentication. I do not however get this error when logging into Dynamics 365 using the same method from Power Bi desktop, but after I publish to Power BI cloud then I get this issue happening. Can anyone help? Thanks.
New Member
I have managed to fix the problem. When two-factor authentication is active for an account, it does not seem to work on Power BI cloud. Turning this off has fixed the issue.
Regular Visitor

I am having this issue also. The data source is using Web.Contents URL and should work with Anonymous access, header token is although provided.


Failed to update data source credentials.Hide details

Activity ID:3d0e9eec-5b6a-9005-93bb-de605eae8394
Request ID:1926b2a1-8bee-2bc6-0907-ba77603aa300
Status code:400
Time:Wed Apr 12 2017 13:53:12 GMT+0300 (FLE Standard Time)
Cluster URI:
Regular Visitor

I am having a simialr issue trying to use Anonymous access with api key when trying to connect.


Failed to update data source credentials.Hide details

Activity ID:5452157b-a6ff-5cf6-0695-b075dc7178c3
Request ID:2e72c867-1db4-eb1c-3295-3b091bf78787
Status code:400
Time:Thu Apr 13 2017 16:40:01 GMT+1000 (AEST)
Cluster URI:
Not applicable

My O365 Adoption datasource refresh started failing last week (though I only got the notification today.

I happened to change my password today, so went to update the credentials (OAuth) on the datasource... boom! Can't update credentials:



Failed to update data source credentials.Hide details

Activity ID:5498bb88-6e3d-461a-a19f-85a2fb00e163
Request ID:06aa0a49-77e6-75b1-3865-10244e077848
Status code:400
Time:Mon Apr 24 2017 10:01:11 GMT+1200 (New Zealand Standard Time)
Cluster URI: