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Failed to update data source credentials



I built a report in Power BI desktop from excel table stored in Sharepoint.

I published this report in power BI service and created a dashboard. 

Everytime I am trying to update the report I receive the following error message : 

Failed to update data source credentials.Hide details

Activity ID:2e9a503f-01c4-429f-a266-e091d0b336b0
Request ID:176e7558-f852-d8bf-a2d6-6c9f0a04cf62
Status code:400
Time:Thu Mar 02 2017 10:22:45 GMT+1100 (AUS Eastern Daylight Time)
Cluster URI:


Also I can not load my organisation Dynamics data. 


What can I do ? 


Thank you 





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having the same problem with Salesforce. I can connect in desktop, but get "Failed to update data source credentials:" when trying to use the same credentials for the refresh schedule on the dataset in the power bi online app.

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Make sure you publish your data from the O365 admin center Reports page If it still says "We're getting your data ready for the Office 365 Adoption content pack" you need to wait.
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I received the following error via email.

An error occurred while processing the data in the dataset.

Refresh failed:
Azure Enterprise has failed to refresh.
Failure details:

The credentials provided for the AzureEnterprise source are invalid. (Source at Table: Usage Details.


I tried updating my API key and setting up a new connection. Still getting this error.


Failed to update data source credentials: Web.Contents failed to get contents from '' (426): Upgrade RequiredHide details

Activity ID:c5ba9620-8467-4656-94c0-78a48a24ffaa
Request ID:c2bb054d-64ad-18a3-a007-cc9fd40d2011
Status code:400
Time:Thu Jan 10 2019 12:41:19 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time)
Cluster URI:


Any help would be appreciated.

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 As @jasethnz mentioned here:

it is likely MFA causing the issue for me - I am trying to connect to Azure app insights...


I am not going to be able to turn off MFA as my enterprise security context requires it.


Is there a way around this? Or does Microsoft plan on fixing this?

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Hey Luke,


you probably need to use a service account, that doesn't use MFA, and has just enough permissions to be able to retrieve the Azure App insights data.

Just give it a really long nasty password...





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I am having a similar issue when updating a report/dataset. 

The dataset is from from excel sheet  in Sharepoint.

I have published this report in power BI service

Everytime I am trying to update the report I receive the following error message 


Activity ID:c204d515-06ae-445d-b677-b1f3bc6d9dd1
Request ID:c78ef477-83ce-f6ec-2d02-f0d5404ab600
Status code:400
Time:Fri May 15 2020 13:23:46 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)
Service version:13.0.13172.204
Client version:2004.4.00903-train
Cluster URI:


Failed to update data source credentials: The credentials provided for the Web source are invalid. 


I am using "Basic" for authentication method. and the privacy setting is set to organization. 


Any help would be appreciated. 





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Hi, i have the same issue, 


Error 400: the credentials provided for the Web source are invalid. (Source at


In desktop works fine, in using anonymous cause i have token, and i'm using gateway. 





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I had the same problem in PBI service where it would refresh the data source in PBI desktop and after a lot of trial and error, I unticked 'Skip test connection' which worked after I then refreshed the dataset. 


Hope this helps someone



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@OBMBI thank's! it worked ! 



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Hi ,


We are connecting to Sage application data through ODBC driver.

Everything is working fine in Power BI Desktop.

But when we try to schedule refresh through personal gateway in web portal of power BI , on providing the same credentials(which are working in power bi desktop)  the following error is thrown



Using basic authentication method. 

Please guide or provide suggestion to fix that . We have checked odbc versions and everything.

Do we need to try through enterprise gateway ? We are trying through personal gateway.