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Excel data model refresh corrupting the data model

I refresh a number of excel data models using the power bi service. 

As of this week, after the refresh, the model is broken. The result is the workbook crashes (completely closes excel without any error message) when I either try open power pivot or try to open power query on a workbook that has been refreshed via the service. 

Status: Delivered

we got feedback from PG team that ”Fix deployed“.

Helper IV

Same here.  I closed my open tickets with Microsoft yesterday.  


Thanks to everyone who helped get a proper resolution to this issue.  

Community Support
Status changed to: Delivered

we got feedback from PG team that ”Fix deployed“.

Helper I

The issue may be back.  We are experiencing the exact same issue as it originally did.  Slicers will crash on excel spreadsheets that the Power BI Service Refreshed.

I checked files that were refreshed on 07/11/22 and they are fine...but any refreshes that were done today have now reverted back to the original issue we had to start with.

Anyone else can confirm they are having this issue?

Regular Visitor

Hi @arkinex 

It’s all right over here.

My data models were refreshed earlier in the motning today. Both Excel and PBI without issues yet.


Helper I

@EdgarJimenez : Well the refreshes work, but do the files work after they were refreshed today?  Have you tried to use a slicer or open up the "Queries and Connection" Ribbon in Excel (not online)?


I just tried a test scenario and it replicates.

Same issue occurs if you open the excel file in Excel Online and refresh that way as well.

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This my procedure to try to replicate the issue:

- Add a Slicer into one of my files with a data model and connection to my data bases. 

- Refreshed the file through the PBI services. 

- Then opened the workbook in Excel Desktop App

 - Try to use the slicer and view de Queries and Connections. 


At the end all works fine. As I mentioned all my excel files was updated this morining throug the PBI services and no on of my usser have issues yet. 


Let me know if I can help you in someway.

Helper IV

Yup.  The problem is back on my end as well.  Same exact problem as last time.  When I try to open the data model in anyway (click a slicer, go to Queries & Connections, filter a table, etc) Excel crashes instantly.  The event viewer is showing the same error message as the last go around: 


The description for Event ID 39 from source MSOLAP$LocalCube cannot be found. Either the component that raises this event is not installed on your local computer or the installation is corrupted. You can install or repair the component on the local computer.


This is really frustrating given how much time and effort went into fixing this the last time around.  @v-xiaoyan-msft Could you raise this issue with the engineering group again?

Helper I

@EdgarJimenez :  Strange that you haven't been affected.


looks like me and @rjhale  can confirm the issue is back.

Anyone else in the community wanna report back to see if the issue came back?


@rjhale  - I spoke with the Microsoft rep I worked with before and let her know that the issue has returned. I'll keep you all posted when I know more.



Super frustrating!

Advocate II

Yes I can confirm one of my files that refreshed 5 hours ago is now crashing as it did previously. 


@v-xiaoyan-msft , can you help?

Frequent Visitor

Same issue again. My files crash since this morning