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Excel data model refresh corrupting the data model

I refresh a number of excel data models using the power bi service. 

As of this week, after the refresh, the model is broken. The result is the workbook crashes (completely closes excel without any error message) when I either try open power pivot or try to open power query on a workbook that has been refreshed via the service. 

Status: Delivered

we got feedback from PG team that ”Fix deployed“.

Helper IV

We are having a lot of problems with the "Premier" support on this particular problem.  The Power BI team closed my ticket and said this is out of scope for the Power BI team.  They then opened a ticket with the SharePoint team for some reason, and someone from that team called me yesterday and was very confused.  They are now working on closing that ticket to transfer me to the Excel team.  When they do this, they've been closing each ticket and opening a new one without any of the details from the previous ticket.  This keeps leading to additional confusion and hours of wasted time demonstrating the problem, providing traces, talking through it, etc. 


It sure would be nice if Microsoft could use the same ticket and collaborate across teams without asking me to explain the same problem 3 or 4 times.  I'm starting to get the sense that Excel workbooks refreshed through the Power BI service are almost a non-supported feature.  This is really frustrating.  

New Member

I am also seeing this issue and it seems to date back to June 3rd as well. It started with one file's data model being corrupted and the last successful refresh being 6/2/22. Then another Excel file stored in a completely different location just had the same issue occur today with the same successful refresh date.

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We also have exactly the same problem: Excel files stored on Sharepoint with a connection to DWH are corrupt as of 2nd of June.

Older versions restored from Sharepoint with exactly the same definition are able to open/edit/refresh. The corrupt Excel files will do crash Excel as soon as we open and try to modify them.


Helper I

I'm so glad I found this thread!  I thought this issue was something specific to something my company. I was thinking IT pushed an update or something after June 3rd that affected my Excel scheduled refreshes, but it looks like this might an issue more widespread.

I do have a Microsoft ticket open as well, but haven't gotten anywhere with it. I sure do hope a fix comes soon as this affects a lot of different departments in our company.

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The same here. When updating files from Power BI they crash and give data model error.

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I do have a Microsoft ticket open as well,  and They just contacted me and reported that the power Bi service team needs 2-3 weeks to fix this bug,Maybe all people who encounter the same problem can put pressure on Microsoft to speed up the repair process through your respective support teams


About your problem, we found that it is the problem of the AS engine after investigation
After refresh, some new elements will be added to the data model, resulting in compatibility problems with the AS engine in the excel client. The excel web side is not affected because its data model is hosted by the power Bi service.
The problem lies in the AS engine. The engineer is repairing it.

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Although, not specifically PowerBi related I have recently been experiencing crashes to desktop with no error message  in Excel desktop file after I refresh a powerpivot data model in Excel online . The file still refreshes in Excel online but instantly crashes when doing anything with model/slicers or refreshing in Excel App. 


This is a very recent occurrence and it's breaking all my spreadsheets much to my extreme frustation. The only work around I have is rebuilding without a data model and doing it with formulas and classic pivots.

Helper IV

@Leione It's nice that they finally acknowledged the problem.  Microsoft managed to schedule 5 support calls to go over the same issue each time, and no one seems to want to take ownership of the problem.  It would be great if you could keep us up-to-date on any progress that they make on repairing the "AS Engine" and how that update will get rolled out (will it be an update to the Power BI Service, new version of Excel, something else entirely?).   



Frequent Visitor

@rjhale OK,They said that they would send me an email after the repair. When I got the message, I would sync here  as soon as possible. And I think "AS Engine" Should means Analysis Services Engine, Maybe you can also synchronize the relevant information to the support team communicating with you to promote them to speed up the repair of this **bleep** problem~

Helper IV

@Leione For sure.  I have multiple tickets open with them because of the problems I mentioned above.  I'm requesting that they leave them open until a resoltion is found.  I'll continue to follow up with them frequently and report back here if I hear anything new.