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Error in Transform File function, text does not match Advanced Editor text in Transform Sample File

Context: Data source = Folder, combine excel files.


Critical error.


I have experienced differences between the text in the Transform File function and the text in the Advanced editor in the Transform Sample File. When I add additional steps in the Transform Sample File, these steps are not recorded in the Transform function. Consequently the steps are not performed. Has anyone else experienced this?


As a work around I am copying the text via the advanced editor.

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Community Support

@PaddyEnFrance ,


Could you please clarify more details about your issue and share some sample data for further analysis?



Jimmy Tao

Frequent Visitor

The process I apply is as follows:

1. Data source is a folder, which contains a number of identically structured excel .xlsx files

2. I apply a number of power query steps to convert/alter/ format the data in these files

3. This creates a "Transform" file folder

In this folder we have 4 parts, a "Sample Query" folder with two parts, a Transform Sample File and a Fx file.


Under normal operations, the Power Query steps as shown in the advanced editor of the "Transform Sample file" should be identical to the Power Query language as transcribed in the Fx file (click on "Source" in applied steps.


In my case, these are not identical. Consequently, steps applied in the sample file are never executed.


I have therefore copied the Advanced editor text into the "Source" applied step as a patch.


How do I share a dataset for demonstrations purposes?