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Embedded link is not working for particular users

Today I've faced to the next problem: report is not loading properly, when trying to go to it via embeded code. Yesterday (and for a year before) everything was OK. 

And 2 interesting things:

1. I have a few co-workers, who has access to their reports via embedded link. 3 of them still has no problems, but another 2 - can't get an access. Just a blinking PowerBI logo on the screen.

2. When they open it via their profile page, everything works fine.


Also, me as the report owner, can see reports, using the same embedded code, but that users are not...


I've tried to re-upload reports and even upload another report and share it with these 2 users, but they still can't see it via embedded link, but, as I've told before, they can see it in their profile pages.


Any ideas? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks a lot!

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You may try to clear cache and use InPrivate or Incognito modes.


Advocate II
Advocate II

Thanks @v-chuncz-msft  for your attention and advice, but it didn't work. 

Have tried this lifehack in 3 browsers - didn't help