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Displaying a specific report page with Power BI Publish to web

Hi all,


we are having issues to display a specific sheet of PBIX file which have more than 1 sheet in the PBIX file. Normally, it's published to the web, the iframe normally lands to the 1st page of PBIX file. 


how can we update the iframe so that we can display 2nd or 3rd or 4th etc of the PBIX file as the landing page?

the below link DIDN'T work


In total, we have 4 sheets in this PBIX, by changing the last number to either 2 or 3 it doens't reference to the relevant sheet..



I found this link on web, however the solution it's suggested only worked for certain pages of the same PBIX.


But this didn't work...


by the way, we display the link through IFRAME..




Status: Delivered
Frequent Visitor

Is this option disabled? I can't succeed anymore although in the past it worked fine.

Helper II

Hello @csm,


No problem for me.


You can't succeed to reach another section than the first page of your report ?

Frequent Visitor

@FXFelix No can't succeed. Maybe you try or check this url: Link 

Helper II

If you want to reach the fifth page of your report, I think you must replace the "ReportSection5" by the section's id (something like ReportSection36z167187997t18u1066 for example).

This section id is in the link of the fifth page of your report 😉