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Display Folder disappears after refresh the dataset

I created some display folders to store different fields in Power BI desktop. Like below. I used excel as the datasource and I would refresh the dataset everytime before I publish the report. 


In the past, the display folder will not change or disappear after I refresh the datasource. However, I noticed today that all the folders are gone after I refresh the datasource. Like this:


I re-install power BI today and not sure what changed. Anyone knows why this happened and how to fix this??


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Hi All - It seems that this is fixed by the PBI team. 

Community Support

Hi all, the issue has been resolved after the test on the desktop version 2.91.884.0 64-bit (March 2021).😁

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Hi @v-robertq-msft 

Still I have all my fields out of their folders exept for calculated columns. I updated the versión of Power BI and nothing happened. 


In the image below all fields where in the ML folder, and after the update to versión 2.91.884.0 64-bit they still are out of the folders. This means that all my not calculated fields still are scaterred out of folders.


Captura de pantalla 2021-04-14 120015.png

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It's been almost a month since this problem first occured. When will it be fixed? Will be fixed in the May Update?

Community Support

Hi, @adaziz 

It’s an issue that has been fixed after the March version of the Power BI desktop has been announced. And it’s also all good after my test in the April version of the Power BI desktop.

Therefore, I suggest you to download the latest version of the Power BI desktop and check if it’s fixed.

If not, you can open a new case in the issue forum.


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _Robert Qin

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Advocate III

Hi @v-robertq-msft

I have the latest version and still all my fields are scattered all around out of the folders.
I have lots of folders, having to sort all fields again in their folders is absolutely an annoying task to do again.




Please fix this issue.

Frequent Visitor

We are having this issue with Power BI Desktop for Report Server (Jan-2021) release.


When will a fix for "Power BI Desktop for Report Server" be made available?

(obviously this issue is quite debilitating for report design/changes).



FYI the behaviour we are experiencing is:

- Create a new report with a Live Connection to an SSAS MD cube in Power BI Desktop for Report Server (Jan-2021)

- All measures are present and usable in the Fields blade for the new report.

- Click [Refresh] - an error occurs and some (but not all) measures & Display folders are no longer present in the fields list.

- Opening an existing PBIX report in Power BI Desktop for Report Server generates the similar/same error as above and the same measures / display folders go missing in the Fields blade (although visualisations that reference them still display correctly)


Details of the ERROR generated:

JS Error Message: Cannot read property 'clone' of undefined

PowerBINonFatalError: {"AppName":"PBIDesktop","AppVersion":"2.88.2361.0","ModuleName":"ms-pbi://","Component":"","Error":"TypeError","MethodDef":"mergeDisplayFolder","ErrorOffset":"16352:62"}

AS Live Connection: True