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Dataset refresh error on Service

Hello Team,


My Power Bi dataset is not getting refreshed from yesterday. I have found out the issue is with Dataset that contains the Power Bi Dataflow (Legacy) connection sources.


It is throwing the error as "Access token has expired, resubmit with a new access token.". However, there is no issue when we go ahead with Power Bi desktop refresh.


The issue is not only with one dataset. The issue reasons are changing time to time. The same datasets were OKAY till yesterday evening GST.


Attaching the error messages for your reference.








Best Rag,

Shabeer M P

Status: Accepted

Hi @shabeer 

It’s a known issue . The engineers are actively working on this issue and I will come back with an update if there is any progress.


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Ailsa Tao

New Member

@v-yetao1-msft          .. Any update on the error? 

Regular Visitor

Seems to have cleared up on our side

Regular Visitor

Yes us too.

New Member
Data source error:Still having the same issue.. 

{"error":{"code":"DM_GWPipeline_Gateway_MashupDataAccessError","pbi.error":{"code":"DM_GWPipeline_Gateway_MashupDataAccessError","parameters":{},"details":[{"code":"DM_ErrorDetailNameCode_UnderlyingErrorCode","detail":{"type":1,"value":"-2147467259"}},{"code":"DM_ErrorDetailNameCode_UnderlyingErrorMessage","detail":{"type":1,"value":"Access token has expired, resubmit with a new access token"}},{"code":"DM_ErrorDetailNameCode_UnderlyingHResult","detail":{"type":1,"value":"-2147467259"}},{"code":"Microsoft.Data.Mashup.ValueError.Error","detail":{"type":1,"value":"error \"Microsoft.Mashup.Engine1.Runtime.ValueException: [Expression.Error] The field 'pbi.error' of the record wasn't found.#(cr)#(lf) at Microsoft.Mashup.Engine1.Language.ValueCreator.CreateValueForThrow(IThrowExpression throwExpr)#(cr)#(lf) at Microsoft.Mashup.Engine1.Language.ValueCreator.<>c__DisplayClass23_0.<CreateValueForRecord>b__0(Int32 index)#(cr)#(lf) at Microsoft.Mashup.Engine1.Runtime.RecordValue.DemandRecordValue.get_Item(Int32 index)#(cr)#(lf) at Microsoft.Data.Mashup.ProviderCommon.MashupResource.TryGetValue(Func`1 getValue, IValue& value, String& errorMessage)#(cr)#(lf)Record\""}},{"code":"Microsoft.Data.Mashup.ValueError.Reason","detail":{"type":1,"value":"TokenExpired"}},{"code":"Microsoft.Data.Mashup.ValueError.RequestId","detail":{"type":1,"value":"a9219389-f719-48ae-91db-b170a2768827"}},{"code":"Microsoft.Data.Mashup.ValueError.RequestUrl","detail":"exceptionCulprit":1}
Table: everytime the table changes.. 
Advocate I

What's the progress with this 'known issue'? It seems to be an unsolved issue for few months so far, could you please add it here so we can track its status?

New Member

     Hi, I managed to solve it!

 Despite appearing online (gateway test), it wasn't working: the problem started after I was 'forced' to change my office365 password, I edited the 2 Gateways and confirmed my credentials.






  I just clicked edit and confirmed the credentials. Then I tried refreshing the dataset and it worked.

 This must be done for each gateway that has credentials (file/folder/etc)