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Dataflow entities suddenly lost access to on premise gateway sources (on the dev interface)



Our Dataflow entities suddenly lost access to on premise gateway sources,  on the dev interface

Nothing occurs if we click on connexion



Every things it's OK on Gateway side 



But ;>)   Refreshes apparently work nicely





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Hi Team,


I am also facing the same issues, could you please fix this ASAP ?

I have around 200 dataflows and i cannot manually select the gateway whenever i open them.

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Careful guys as even the refresh showed as successful for my dataflows post remapping, the data remined old. 

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Our organization is experiencing this same issue and we maintain 100+ production data flows.  We would appreciate a timely fix to this issue. 



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Hi all, I noticed the message is gone from the support page and I was able to edit a dataflow without issue. This appears to be resolved.

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Hi all, I also noticed that the support page has removed the awareness of this issue. However, my organization is still experiencing this issue when editing dataflows connected via the on-premises gateway. The support page did mention a roll-out of the fix yesterday, is anyone else still experiencing this issue?

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@Tom-PBI Just checked and we are no longer experiencing this issue.

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Thanks @SozPowerBI , I have just re-checked our tenant and it now works.

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You may check if it works for you as well.

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Hi there,
I'm currently experiencing this issue for my dataflow setup. My DB sits behind a private endpoint in the Azure and we now have an On-Prem Gateway linked up to this DB. When I set the query up to use the gateway it runs smoothly. However regardless of me clicking save/apply, after a few minutes when trying to refresh or check in on the data it seems to have forgotten about the gateway and I have to go and set that up in project settings again.
Is there something I am missing? How can I resolve this?

Below is a screenshot of the error I receive on return to the power query editor.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!