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Dataflow Stuck on Refresh, Cancelled the Refresh But That Got Stuck Too

I have a dataflow which contains Calculated Entities (using data from Linked Entities) all from a Premium Workspace. The refresh of this dataflow is stuck for hours so I cancelled it. But then it got stuck in 'Cancelling Status'. Due to this, the Source Dataflow (which contains all my 'staging entities' are now in locked status so I can't refresh it (error below). Any ideas to get this reset?


There was a problem refreshing your dataflow. {"RootActivityId":"589625f5-4b80-2435-f312-37fa71349f76" "ErrorMessage":"Cannot acquire lock for model 'c4143861-9f5f-4308-98af-847e1302edac/1690b4e4-ff3e-4e3b-87f0-9804f78922a4' because it is currently in use."}


Status: Accepted
Community Support
Status changed to: Accepted
Community Support



A similar issue has been reported internally, so stay tuned. 

IcM 268266885

Helper I

Staying tuned... what was the solution for this?

Helper I

Any update on this issue? Or even a possible workaround unti  a fix is provided?

Regular Visitor

I have just encountered the same issue. Is there any update on a solution?