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PowerBI Report Server: javascript files not cached

I have been looking into the performance for some of our reports on our local PowerBI Report Server and noticed that a couple of the javascript files is downloaded on each page request. The files are from what I can see static and not changed over time.

These files are loaded from a hidden iframe with the source VisualResourceLoader.htm and is even added twice to the DOM. So the client have to download all of these files two times.



In the response headers I can see that the files have not been modified since 25 May 2021 and they have the no-cache header with an ETag which should mean that the client can use its local file if they match.



We currently use the PowerBI Report Server 2021 May in production but I have also tested this on the September 2021 release with the same result.


Could you please look into why these files are loaded twice and not are cached.


PowerBI Report Server Version:

Version 1.11.7815.26414 (May 2021)

Status: Investigating
Community Support


I’m not very familiar with the Power BI report server, I suggest you to go the Power BI report server Forum to open a new case to get advice from the experts on it.


Thank you very much!


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _Robert Qin

Community Support
Status changed to: Investigating
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OK, thanks. I have now reposted this question in the Report Server forum instead.


Best regards,


Community Support

OK, thank you very much!