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Cannot disable OneDrive refresh

I have a .pbix file saved on a SharePoint site that I uploaded to the Power BI service. I would like to turn off the default OneDrive refresh behavior, but everytime I turn it off and come back to the page or refresh my browser it is automatically turned back on. I own the dataset and am an admin on the workspace where it is located.

Here you can see that I've turned off OneDrive refresh:



After I navigate to another page and come back or refresh my broswer, this is what I see:



Is there an "Apply" button I'm missing or is this a bug?

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Hi all,


We have reported this issue and submitted it to the product team and got feedback from the product team on 2/23 that this issue has been fixed.



Best regards.
Community Support Team_ Caitlyn

Advocate III

If you publish over the existing file the automatic refresh no longer updates. 

Advocate I

@ashleyfiore, thanks for the suggestion. We would like to use the "upload" option within the service rather than publish from PBI desktop. I've tested uploading over the existing file, but for some reason this doesn't replace the existing dataset/report like it would when publishing from the desktop. Instead, a duplicate dataset/report is created, which also seems like a bug, as I can't find any documentation that states that uploading works any differently than publishing. In any case, publishing or uploading over the existing file seems like a short term work around. I would expect that the OneDrive refresh on/off toggle would work...

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@birknerj I'm having the same issue - onedrive refresh toggle is not switching from "off" to "on"toggle.PNGtoggle2.PNG when I toggle it. 


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@birknerj I believe we found the source of our error (not sure if it's what's happening to yours too). This documentation helped:Data refresh in Power BI - Power BI | Microsoft Learn but basically, when the pbix file connects through onedrive it's given a unique id. When you overwrite that file with a new pbix, the new pbix has a new id which disables the onedrive connection. For us, we'll have to delete and re-upload the dataset into the PBI service, but for your situation, you may be able to reset it by copying the pbix file into a new location, then make an edit, and paste it back in wherever your pbi connects to.

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Hi @birknerj ,


Have you tried logging out of this Power BI account and logging back in?
This page is indeed the correct page for disable Onedrive refresh. You can try changing its itemID as described in the comment to prevent refreshing.


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Caitlyn

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Hi @v-xiaoyan-msft ,


Same issue here, unable to enable or disable OneDrive refresh for various reports in different workspaces. Logged out and logged back in, tried different browser and different computer - same issue. Thank you. 



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I see the same issue, but my setting was turned off previously. When the 'One Drive Refresh' is turned on, it is not saving and turns off automatically when the browser is refreshed. This impacted all the reports in the workspace, and we had to reupload a new file every time. I tried logging out as well but nothing works. 

Advocate I

Hi @v-xiaoyan-msft,


Thanks for the suggestions! I tried logging out and logging back in, but that didn't fix the issue. I understand I can break the sync by changing the pbix file ID, but like @Zotts pointed out, if I would then like to enable OneDrive refresh at a later date, I would have to remove the report/dataset from the service and completely re-upload the file to the service. While this might be a work around we can employ, I don't think it's a great long term solution to what appears to be a bug.

Helper II

This definitely a bug that has just recently been introduced into the Power BI service.  I am unable to turn on or turn off the Onedrive Refresh button on any of my workspaces for all my existing reports.

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I am having the same issue. It doesn't matter if I want to turn OneDrive refresh Off or On, when I come back to the settings page, it does not keep my changes. This has been very frustrating - bringing the report in again as new has impacts on any dashboards or subscriptions from that report. Please help!