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Cannot close or move the text box editor

Previously, when editing our reports in the online mode (specifically changing text within text boxes), we were able to do this without any issues. However, over the last couple of days, we have noticed there is a new text editor appearing when editing in online mode. This text editor is directly covering our text box so we cannot see what is in it while typing. We have tried moving it around and tried looking for an option to shut it off but have not found anything. Also, the same behavior happens in desktop mode; it is a little better as it is not always covering the text but we cannot find a way to close it or move it in desktop either.


Here is a screenshot:



We have a lot of text before the "-Complaint" which we are not able to see. It would be great to get some functionality added into Power BI so that we are able to move this editor or close/disable it if it is not needed.

Status: New
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Not applicable

Same here. It's rather an annoying problem. In Desktop, the only solution is closing all menus on the right and having a wide screen.

Advocate I

Noticed this issue too. I am not able to adapt the size of my text box to cover the whole length of the screen because the editor is in the way. Is really really annoying! 

Advocate II

This is such a dumb thing to overlook. All the fancy visualisations in the world don't compensate for this. It needs to be fixed.

Regular Visitor

Needs to be on the ribbon, or a moveable window, not a massive box that sits over everything I want to edit.  As a workaround (if you're applying the format painter), zooming in (ctrl+mousewheel) helps.  Not a great user experience when using text boxes though

Frequent Visitor

total stupidiy having a massive box when I am trying to move and align a 4 letter word


fix this MSFT - its been an issue for a couple of years

New Member

This is painful to work with,  I have found if I zoom out I can finish my text but this was by chance.  Why cant this be placed at the top or held within the normal visual format options?

Advocate II
Advocate II

MSFT developers , Please Please fix this.  it is so annoying to work with text boxes with the formatting bar covering up everything.

Advocate II

Here we are 3 years later, and still no fix to this issue... This would be a simple yet appreciated update Microsoft (hint hint)