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Can't Click Quick Measures OK Button

I have observed an issue with Quick Measures for some users.  Specifially today

  • March 2018 version of Desktop
  • screen resolution 2560 x 1440
  • Windows Task Bar set so it doesn't auto hide

When Adding a quick measure, the OK button is hidden behind the task bar.

Status: Needs Info
Microsoft Employee

Hi @MattAllington,


It's hard to reproduce. The possible cause could be the high scale value. If you can provide more info, I will test more. Maybe you can submit a support ticket here.


create ATicket



Best Regards,



Impactful Individual
Status changed to: Needs Info
Regular Visitor


pbi cant resize quick measure windows.pngits happen to me to, its really annoying, when you open the quick measure and then when you finishing your quick measure and want to click the ok button, the "OK" button is hidden behind taskbar, and quick measure windows cant drag to reposition, it upper border will not cross the windows upper area, so we can't access the "OK" button, why so many bug in this app, we just using because its force by company

Frequent Visitor

I had the same issue. Quite frustrating. There needs to be a scalable element to the quick measure window or at very least a keyboard shortcut for 'OK'/'Cancel'. The work around that I have used is to relocate my toolbar to the left of the window (right click on toolbar and select settings and follow the prompts to change toolbar location) which then allows for the OK button to be accessed . FYI  I only get this issue when working on my laptop screen. If i have my laptop through a monitor it functions OK.

Helper II

Hello, has this been resolved? I am not able to press the Ok button in quick measures

Helper II

After reading the comments, the only way I was able to press the Ok button was to move the toolbar to the left of my screen.

New Member

This is a rather annoying bug, as I am not able to move the toolbar of my (company issued and restricted) laptop.

Frequent Visitor

OK button missing in quick measures

Microsoft Employee

Please prioritize this fix, it will save users a ton of time.


My understanding, with the passage of time, is that this is caused by changes in screen resolution.  Power BI does not react well to "on the fly" changes to screen resolution.  This can happen when you change your PC resolution, but also when you change from a laptop to external monitor.  I think you will find a reboot will fix it.  


Still annoying though.  My advice - learn DAX and don't use quick measures 🙂