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Buttons using a custom image no longer function.



Earlier this week, all reports that use a blank button with custom image (Fill -> Add Image) are no longer functioning in the report view.  The button cannot be pressed at all in the report view.  This happens with both new and old reports and was first seen on October 4th, 2021 after refreshing existing reports.


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Using Power BI Desktop, create a new report and insert a 'Blank' button.
  2. Select a simple action for the button, I.E. Web URL
  3. Select 'Fill' option and add a custom .jpg image for the button.
  4. Publish the report and attempt to use the button action from the report reading view.


  • This issue does not occur unless a custom image is being used for the button.
  • If the button has the Outline option selected, then the button will function only if the user is hovering over the button border.
  • If the button does not have the Outline option selected then the button cannot be pressed at all.
  • This issues does not occur in Power BI Desktop (September 2021).  It is only seen with published reports.
Status: Delivered
Advocate I

Happens to us as well, but only when opened from Embedded, works fine in PowerBi Service. Any idea when this can be fixed? It impacts almost all of our most important client-facing reports.


Thanks, Misha

Advocate I

We're experiencing the exact same issue as of a few hours ago. The custom image buttons work in desktop but have stopped working in the service.


Hoping for a quick fix asap.


EDIT: Can confirm buttons with custom images work when enabling an outline but only when clicking on the outline itself. The action does not work in the custom image area of the button.





Community Support



A similar issue has been reported internally, so stay tuned.

IcM 265523892

Frequent Visitor

I'm still tuned in. Any timeline on a fix?

Microsoft Employee

Buttons are working for me again after doing a full refresh of the report pages.



Frequent Visitor

@ttimmins and 

I'm having a similar issue this morning.  They have been fine up until today? Is there any resolution to this?  All of my reports are client facing.  The only thing that I know is different is that the report was published to a Sharepoint webpart yesterday.  Could that have affected my buttons in PBI online? My bookmarks associated with the buttons aren't working, and all of my images are distorted.   An immediate response is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Helper I
Helper I

Hi - buttons are still not working when published.  I can confirm that they work fine on the Desktop and work when there's an outline in the Service (sometimes).  I have several buttons on my Dashboards and this is not at all acceptable, because Senior Management is using these Dashboards.   I've opened up a ticket with Microsoft, but is there a solution?  Refreshing didn't help in my case.  Please help!!

Advocate I

Can confirm buttons with custom images are now working in the service again.

Frequent Visitor

Thank you! My buttons are now working as expected!

Community Support
Status changed to: Delivered