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Bug The legend colors do not match what is in the Desktop - all legend items match the line color

For any existing "Line and Stacked column chart" or "Line and Clustered column chart", the legend colors do not match what is in the PBI Desktop.  In fact, every legend item matches the color of the Marker color under Shapes.  It was working as of yesterday 7/8/2020.  Here is the Desktop visual



Here is the same visual in the PBI Service




If I change the Marker color under Shapes, the legend colors change to its color




If I recreate the visual from scratch, it all works fine.  I am going to recreate every visual (there are many) but I thought you might want to know about this.  Cheers


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Same issue for me, started yesterday (7/21/2020) in New York.


I have a Line and Stacked column chart with 3 measures on it, 2 as stacked columns and one as a line.    I am using the default colors, so, Measure1 and Measure2 on the stacked column are green and black, and Measure3 on the line is red.    When I Publish to the Service, in the legend all 3 Measures are Red, so my users can't differentiate whats represents what!
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I have similar issue with Line and Clustered Column Chart.  The Legend colors are all the same on Power BI Service after publishing the report.  I do not use Marker color under Shapes.  Is there a way to fix this?  Thanks!



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Hi there, We're having the same issue since yesterday (7/22/2020). Could somebody give us any feedback please? We need to solve this!! Thank you

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we had the same issue in our company.


After a call with Microsoft, 2 options to fix it are currently available : 

1/ You're using SSAS as DataSource and you're using Live Connect to AS MD or AS Tabular.

In this case, you have to add ?categoricalDynamicFormatting=0 as URL Param. 


2/ The one who worked for us. 

You have to select your graph, go into Shapes > Markers color : Revert to default. Then you can publish. (Or you will directly see the correct colors if you're in Edit Mode in PBI Service).

Graphes have new features since the July release but they didn't managed the old graphes.


And to complete, having a different behaviour between PBI Desktop and Service (on colors legend) is not a bug but a feature and we have to post an idea in the box...


Hope it can help you. 

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I have the same issue on a Stacked Column Chart with Direct access to SSAS Multidimensional.


Adding the ?categoricalDynamicFormatting=0 as URL Param fixes it, but this is not a real solution.


The Desktop Version is August 2020 which shows the colors correctly, but in the Service they are incorrect, have tried various steps, edit in the web Service does change but jumps back after a second to the wrong color.


Please advise,



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I am experiencing this issue still, was this not ever resolved?