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Bug: Numeric slicer not filtering when at limits


We have datasets sharing a date dimension (Year specifically) and not all datasets span the entire year set. Thus on some pages I'm filtering the year selector down so that only valid options can be selected using a 'between' numeric slicer.


However when the numeric slicer is set to either limit, it removes the filtering completely. e.g. if we have years 2000 - 2010 and this dataset only does 2001-2008 then when the slicer is set to it's upper limit of 2008 all years above that show:




If you move away from the limit then the filtering kicks in. This is incredibly unintuative which is why I'm calling this a bug.


Can't see how to insert a pbix file to demo, however it's incredily simple to reproduce - create a range, add a column to filter on (to reduce set), filter slicer, have a table with min & max, and play with slicer.

Status: New
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Ah, also finally managed to find the real support request functionality so I'll also be posting this through the PBI pro support ticket pathway as well.


It's not a showstopper as you can apply the filter to the entire page, but I did lose an hour trying to 'fix' my measures before I realised why they weren't working.

Community Support



Since you've raised a ticket, just stay tuned. By the way, you may use Performance Analyzer to check query.