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Bookmarks not working properly in power BI Service

I have created a report using bookmarks feature in power bi desktop and uploaded to service.

Everything  works fine in desktop version, however bookmarks are not working properly in power bi service.

Some of the visuals are not changing acording to the status of bookmarks.

Problem is with visuals which are hided/unhided across different bookmarks.

I am experiencing this issue from this morning.

Is this a new bug?.

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Can confirm, have same problem. When registering here, my post was deleted with detailed description, which is really annoying. Rewriting what I wrote there:


It seems that bookmarks only work when bookmark target is on other tab. When bookmark changes visibility status of elements within same page - it has no effect. Example:


When on tab 1, I call a bookmark X that changes visibility of some elements on that tab. No effect. When I navigate to tab 2 manually, and call bookmark X, it now loads tab 1 with correct visibility of required elements. 


P.S. This only affects PowerBI Web Service, Desktop client seems to be unaffected, Ctrl+Clicking works fine.

Problem did not exist yesterday and nothing relevant in PowerBI update logs.

Please fix!


Facing exact same issue with my reports as well. It started on Jul 22. Bookmark within the same page does not work in service while it works in the Desktop application.

Helper IV

@Anonymous  are your bookmarks used to turn visuals on/off in conjunction with the selection pane?

If so, I encountered this issue and it's a bug that I have helped microsoft identify, and they said a fix will be deployed on 6th August.


I found the issue only seemed to happen when I opened the report from an email link. Also only for people using Edge, Chrome or Firefox.  Internet exploer was fine.

 A 'refresh' of the page then made the bookmarks work.


Interestingly if I went into the service and navigated to the report in the workspace and opened it from there, the issue didn't happen.


Community Support

Hi all, 


I tested on my side but not able to reproduce the issue. Please test again on you side. 

Also you can test with our sample report to see if the issue related to a specific report. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

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I guess the issue is resolved.

Now It works fine for me!.


Can confirm, issue is now gone. Thanks

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I am facing the same issue with bookmark. This issue is only in power bi app links. In desktop it is working fine.


Can someone help me out in this.


Thanks in advance..

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Hi, I'm having this issue as well.

On Power BI Desktop all bookmars work fine, but they are not working when published.
These bookmarks hide and show different visuals on the same report page. We've been using them for long and had no problems before.


Please confirm whether this is a bug and, if so, when will it be fixed.
Thanks in advance!