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BUG: Table visual showing vertical grids when published. Disabled in PBI Desktop.

Posted in forum, but seeing if this is a bug that can be addressed:


Having issues with tables where even though vertical grid lines are disabled and do not show on PBI desktop (version 2.82.5858.1161 64-bit (June, 2020) ), when published and using embedded service, vertical lines show on the visual.  Chrome and Edge (Chromium) results are visually the same and example below.  Firefox shows lines as well but in black (not shown).


PBI Desktop showing vertical grids disabled. (Even have them set to white prior to disabling.)



When published using embedded, table visuals show vertical grid lines (Screenshot from Edge (chromium)



This just doesn't look good and wondering if anyone else has experienced the same issues...

Status: New
Community Support

@MrChuck ,


I would suggest you create a support ticket here for further analysis.

Support Ticket.gif 


Jimmy Tao