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BUG: Date format has changed to US format in all reports and for all users (Power BI Service)

New BUG:  The date format in all reports on Power BI Service for all users has changed to US format over the weekend, without any of us changing anything.


This issue has been identified all over the world in Germany, Brazil, Russia, Finland, New Zealand etc. as per this new community post:  Re: Different regional configuration Power BI DAft... - Microsoft Power BI Community




We have checked our browser & PC language & regional settings but have not found a cause, nor a fix.

We have not changed any of those settings over the weekend.

Could you please urgently help fixing this as it negatively impacts our external customer reporting?

Status: Delivered

Hi @Data-Rainer 

Issue is mitigated in all regions except CANADA central. ETA for Canada is 19th . Please refresh the browser and check the dataformat .


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Ailsa Tao

Frequent Visitor

Add Australia to the list of affected countries

New Member

This is not an idea.  It is a bug and a serious degradation of functionality.

New Member

Add Lithuania to affected countries

Frequent Visitor

Add Germany to affected countries

New Member

We´re also infected due to this format change. 

For us also thousand separators for measures are in US format now.


Is there an estimation time for solving that problem?

Regards, Thomas

New Member

Please fix this

Regular Visitor

This not only affects dates but also number formatting. so thousand seperator is a comma(,) and not a period(.) in EU

Frequent Visitor

Dear Collegues, there only way to escalate this, is for everyone to raise a ticket with Microsoft for Power BI support.

New Member

add austria to the list

Frequent Visitor

Also in Spain. Please fix it ASAP.