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August 2020 version of PBI Desktop corrupts any PBIX report file that is saved

The August 2020 version of PBI Desktop 2.84.461.0 64-bit (August 2020), corrupts any PBIX that is saved using this version.  Once a PBIX is saved, it cannot be opened by this version or any previous version of the PBI Desktop.  It says the PBIX is corrupt.  Even when I had published to the Service using the August version, where the report is working fine; if I then download the report on the Service to a PBIX, that PBIX will not be able to be opened by any version of the PBI Desktop always indicating the report is corrupt.


I had to re-install the July version of the PBI Desktop to avoid this issue.

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Helper II

Yep August 2020 version is buggered for me too.

Not only does it corrupt pbix files that then cant be opened, if I have one open and try to run a calculated table.... well lets just say I may as well turn off and go home because it just says "working" in an endless loop. Whereas, I can run the same calculated table in July 2020 version and its returns in about 5 seconds!

Come on Microsoft, this just isnt good enough!

@russfai  - any word from MS on this, there is a problem with August 2020 and its being rolled out auto-across the workplace.

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Could this be related to my issue?

I can't publish anything it takes aaaaaaages, and never ends.