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August 2020 version of PBI Desktop corrupts any PBIX report file that is saved

The August 2020 version of PBI Desktop 2.84.461.0 64-bit (August 2020), corrupts any PBIX that is saved using this version.  Once a PBIX is saved, it cannot be opened by this version or any previous version of the PBI Desktop.  It says the PBIX is corrupt.  Even when I had published to the Service using the August version, where the report is working fine; if I then download the report on the Service to a PBIX, that PBIX will not be able to be opened by any version of the PBI Desktop always indicating the report is corrupt.


I had to re-install the July version of the PBI Desktop to avoid this issue.

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Hi @Anonymous based on my experience you will also need PBIX file which was NOT saved with August PBI Desktop. I always save my PBIX files in Onedrive, so I can see revision history in there, and was able to download an older version of the same file.

If you are able to do this, or if you store files in a file server which keeps version history, then your best bet for now would be to get an older version of this PBIX file, before it as saved using August update. Then use July update to work with it for now

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So what is the final solution from Microsoft?  I am also getting the message  " Unable to convert an M Query in Table {name of table} into a native source query. 



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Similar difficulties with the August 2020 version. Except, instead of corruption when saving PBIX files created with earlier versions, we are unable to open our PBIX files at all.  (Our PBIXs rely on Import Mode only.)


The August 2020 version sits at the "working on it" message for hours without successfully opening our files.  A small (5MB) test file doesn't open.   A larger (40MB) test file doesn't open.


Uninstalling August 2020 and downgrading to June 2020 restores the accessibility and performance as expected.  So for now, we're using the June 2020 builds.


Except, we keep getting the August 2020 builds pushed through the store to our machines.. *sigh*... Is there a flag to manually disable the automatic updates within Power BI?  Including the "UPDATE AVAILABLE (CLICK TO DOWNLOAD)" in the lower right corner?


Hours, Days & Weeks of expensive development time is being wasted.  Would be nice to stop the auto-updates until the August 2020 version is fixed, tested, and verified.



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@Phil_Riley  As I understand it, there are different versions of PBI Desktop. One you get through the MS Store and another where you download from the advanced options on the PBI website. I would suggest removing the MS Store version and going to to download the program instead.

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Thanks, I will try your suggestion to remove the MS Store version and use the download link


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Removing the store verstion and downloading from the advanced options on the PBI site solved the problem!  

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I had an issue yesterday where I tried to save the program then crashed. When I restarted, it popped up with the recovery prompts, so I selected the newest version to recover. When I opened, ALL the colors were changed to nearly flourescent, like a bad trip.  At first I thought it had lost the custom style sheet, but all the colors for the style sheet were showing correctly in the selection boxes. I went in to correct them - and voila!  Click on navy and it returned magenta, forest green returned bright blue, burgundy returned neon orange, etc... crazy!  I showed it to one of my coworkers and after about 5 minutes of joking, saved and reopened thinking it might correct itself.  When I re-opened, ALL 8 TABS OF VISUALS WERE GONE!  The 9 tables and measure calculations and formulas were all there, but NO visuals whatsoever.  VERY frustrating. 


Luckily, I had published a version a few days before, with none of the YOY or comparison measures or chart tabs. But that was all I could do, I downloaded the published version  So, today I went in, started working on recreating the 3 comparison chart tabs, saved, and tried to publish in case everything disappeared again.


That's when I received the message:  An error occurred while attempting to publish 'Forecast Planning.pbix':  The underlying connection was closed:  An unexpected error occurred on a receive.  Clicked on 'submit an issue' and now am here.  Can't publish, terrified to close the workbook, because even when saved, ALL VISUALS DISAPPEAR!  What to do???


This is the second time in a few months that we've had to revert back to previous version after installing updates.  Is that my only choice?  


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Still cannot open any live connected report files with the August version of Power BI Desktop (2.84.981.0) from MS Store. The same live connected files work just fine with the July version (stand-alone download).


Aren't live connected reports (based on Power BI datasets) supposed to work again in Power BI Desktop Store version?

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I am also getting report of users being unable to connect to Live datasets which they normally can.


Worryingly, my users are also being offered datasets in Workspaces which they aren't even members of?


Are others still seeing issues with Live datasets?