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All Datasets from Different Sources Are all saying memory errors

Since around 5am CT this morning all of our datasets regardless of source (we have gateways and we have Azure sources as well not under gateway) are failing with the following message on most of them:


There's not enough memory to complete this operation. Please try again later when there may be more memory available.


This is continuing even though there is no status saying issues.

Status: Delivered
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Also seeing the same thing, along with reports not loading.  There's something going on today, but still no updates to the health dashboard.

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We are also facing the same issue.

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Same here.  2/23/2022.  10:06am cst,  None of my Dashboards come up.   Refreshes Fail.

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Same here

Community Support
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Hi @adamkcollins ,


This issue has been submitted internally with ICM 289474336.


Problem description: Cx facing refresh failures  with error - "There's not enough memory to complete this operation. Please try again later when there may be more memory available.


The product team will be investigating this issue and once any updates are available, I will sync the information for you here.


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _ Caitlyn

Helper I

We have refresh problem too. The problem started at the same time last Wednesday with this error message:

Data source error: Resource Governing: This operation was canceled because there wasn’t enough memory to finish running it. Either increase the memory of the Premium capacity where this dataset is hosted or reduce the memory footprint of your dataset by doing things like limiting the amount of imported data. More details: consumed memory MB, memory limit MB, database size before command execution MB.
Cluster URI:
Activity ID: 76fe7fe2-4438-404e-805c-04e5371abb0b
Request ID: a7c12be9-df23-d829-db5b-1acdfb8f5f03
Time: 2022-02-26 09:40:29Z

My dataset has run without problem for many months. We are running in North Europe in an Embedded A3 SKU. The dataset refreshes fine both in Power BI Desktop and Power BI Service. The dataset size is ONLY 27 MB! This has to be an bug somewhere?

Regards from Norway

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Dear @v-xiaoyan-msft ,


Any news from ICM289474336?
Also, is it possible to downgrade to an older version of Power BI Desktop, until this issue is fixed?


Thank you,


Community Support

Hi @labrosstr ,


After an investigation by the PG team,this error is not coming from the Mashup Engine, the Service, or the Gateway of Power BI.   It is coming from the Azure SQL data source. Please contact you DBA, or Azure Sql support for help.


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Caitlyn

Community Support
Status changed to: Delivered