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unable to remove page number while PPT export

Hi all,


I exported report to PPT and there is now a page number in the report 21 of 25, etc. I don't want this in the PPT report and there is no way to remove it. Then i had to mannually remove the page number from all the page which is so annoying. 



Please advise how to remove/turn off this unnecessary feature.  



Status: Delivered

Hi @venuswang 

The issue has been fixed. Please have a check.


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Ailsa Tao

Not applicable

Same thing here, can we get an option to disable it ? 🙂

Frequent Visitor

We use this feature for our client reporting so we need this asap please! 

Community Support
Status changed to: Accepted

Hi , @venuswang 

It's a known issue , the ID of the issue is 301468668 . I will be back with an update if there is any news .


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Ailsa Tao


Resolver I

It's even worse: The page numbers are also shown on the published reports and apps.


This is not wanted.


And the hidded pages are counted too.

This is very confusing for the end user.

Regular Visitor

@v-yetao1-msft  Please help to get this page number feature disabled.  It's not needed and it's not wanted.  At the very least please provide the option to turn it off! 


Thank you 

New Member

This is a very annoying feature and is impacting all executive reporting. Please remove it ASAP or provide an option to turn it off !! Not impressed  

Responsive Resident

Some people may need this page number, some may not. I hope they make an option to turn it off.

New Member

I second an option to disable this. It seems like most users would need a clean (no page number) visual, and let PPT handle page numbers. For example, moving slides around, one would not want the page number on the visual.

Not applicable

I agree, this ruins the functionality of power bi, and is confusing; I jump between lots of graphic packages, and will go a different direction, because this makes it really hard to integrate power bi with other work. 

Advocate I

Please give us a facility to disable this feature.

If it worked properly, and a page number could be assigned to each non-hidden page's only, with the same theme applied, it could be useful. Currently we put the page number on each page in the bottom left hand corner using a text box