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"Get Apps" button is not appearing in Power BI Service for some users

In the Power BI Service, usually on the apps page there are two buttons, 'Get apps' and 'Get more apps from Microsoft Appsource', both of these buttons are not appearing for some users. 

This is NOT the screen resolution issue that occurs when users do not have any apps. 


User has tried multiple broswers, Chrome, Edge, and Vivaldi all with no luck. Cannot access the Micrsoft AppSource from this link just takes to home screen. 




Any suggestions?


Status: New
Community Support



I cannot reproduce the issue. Try getting a network trace using a tool like fiddler and also try the ‘new look’ experience.

Advocate V

@v-chuncz-msft  The new look option does not work. The issue is only for some users but I have seen it multiple times. 

Advocate V

We have been able to narrow it down to an admin portal setting. It seems if the user is not enabled to "Author content in workspaces" then the "Get Apps" button does not appear in the Apps screen.
I do not believe the two should be related (but are) as getting apps is completely different from authoring content. 2021-03-31 09_00_40-Clipboard.png