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mobile table scrolling issue

Scrolling is very buggy on tables in the mobile phone view.  I have an iphone and I am viewing the table visual.  The scrolling horizontally gets stuck all the time.  If you scoll down and then with continuous presure guesture right it sometimes works.  But a direct left of right guesture does not.  I have version 15.3 app and am up to date on the desktop client as well.

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Community Support

Hi @poej,


Regarding this issue, I would suggest you contact PBI mobile team:


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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When the user taps on any visual scrolling gets "disabled" for the whole report.

Detailed explanation: 

 - Tap on any visual on the report.

 - Try to Scroll by keeping the finger inside the selected control (the one on which you have tapped in previous step) - Scrolling will not work.

 - When you try scrolling by keeping finger outside the visual, the scroll will work fine.



Frequent Visitor

@Anonymous you response isnot relevant.  I am talking about scrolling inside a visual.  In particular a table visual that extended right off the screen.  When you click to activate such visual and try to scroll you must initiate scrolling by dragging up or down first.  This is a bug.  Did you try it?

Helper II

I can relate to this issue with iOS app. Android app on the other hand is ok.

Helper III

I have the same issue and using IOS. Any update on this?