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getSlicerState error

I am trying to get a state from a slicer using getSlicerState but I am getting the error below:


TypeError: Cannot read property 'contract' of null
at e.getExploration (reportEmbed.slicer-api.min.js:1)
at e.tryGetVisualContainer (reportEmbed.slicer-api.min.js:1)
at e.<anonymous> (reportEmbed.slicer-api.min.js:1)
at reportEmbed.slicer-api.min.js:1
at (reportEmbed.slicer-api.min.js:1)
at reportEmbed.slicer-api.min.js:1
at new r (powerbiportal.dependencies.bundle.min.js:13)
at p (reportEmbed.slicer-api.min.js:1)
at e.handleSlicerRequest (reportEmbed.slicer-api.min.js:1)
at e.<anonymous> (reportEmbed.slicer-api.min.js:1)


This is my code: => {
let pageActive = pages.filter(page => page.isActive)
if (pageActive[0]){
pageActive[0].getVisuals().then(function(visuals) {
console.log(visuals.filter(visual => visual.title === 'Basket'));
visual = visuals.filter(visual => visual.title === 'Basket');
.then(state => {

  Does anyone know what this issue is?

visual[0] is a VisualDescriptor. It is supposed to work straightaway.





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Community Support

Hi @hvpl


I would suggest you create a support ticket to get help. 


Support Ticket.gif


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

New Member

Were you able to resolve it? I get this error when different level hierarchies are selected.

Advocate I

I am experiencing the same error.  As long as you select items in your top hierarcy, it works fine.  But from the moment you select something on the second level of the hierarchy you get this error.


@hvpl , how did the support ticket go?


I am using powerbi-client 2.14.1

Advocate I

Issue still seems to be present in powerbi-client 2.17.2

New Member

@Piloos  - We also created an MS support ticket for that but the support team couldn't resolve it and they also do not have a timeline for when it will be fixed.

As a work around our Power BI team, seperated out each slicer. So instead of 1 heirarchy slicer, we created 4 non-heirarchy slicers. We filter the lower (heirarchy) slicers based on the parent slicer selection.


Let me know if you need any more details.




Advocate I

@ankurmundhra thanks for the reply.  It is a pity that Microsoft does not solve such basic very reproducible issues faster...