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'copy visual as image' not copying image


I have seen a number of demos about the new 'copy visual as image' feature. But when I try it the image is not copied - only the filter criteria.

I have verified that copying is enabled in the tenant settings and I am using standard visualisations (stacked bar chart etc.)

My Power BI dashboard pulls data in Direct Query mode from a SSAS Tabular model.

I have tried pasting to Office 2013 (Word, Excel, OneNote) and Windows 10 Paint.

Any ideas why this might not work for me? 🤔

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You may take a look at Considerations and troubleshooting section.

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@v-chuncz-msft Thanks for responding. I had taken a look at this yesterday and I can't find anything obvious...


Q1 - Why is the copy icon disabled on a visual?

- I am able to see the copy icon and it appears to successfully copy the filter criteria - just not the image

- I am also using standard Power BI visualisations (e.g. stacked bar chart). So this does not seem to be the issue


Q2 - Why is my visual not pasting correctly?

- I am not using custom visuals, only native Power BI visuals with no theme applied

- My report is not pinned to a dashboard

- I am not using oData or personal bookmarks


That leaves the final option...

"Applications with limited support for pasting HTML-formatted content from the clipboard may not render everything that was copied from the visual"


Could you please provide more information on this? I am using Office 2013 Professional Plus. Is there a minimum version of word/excel etc. that is supported?


Or are there any other scenarios in which the image does not paste?


I have created the most basic report possible for the purposes of testing and it still does not work.



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@Anonymous- thanks for raising this as an issue; I, too, have experienced the same trouble on a very basic visual.


Was eager to start utilizing this feature; would be great to see it working

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@Anonymous , thanks for raising this issue.


I too have a similar case. Tried on two different machines, where on one machine I was able to copy the clipboard into a outlook message, but on another machine it doesn't work and I just get the below:

(translated in html format, the format of the msg was set to HTML of course..)

<div id="tinyMceEditorAdlR_0" class="mceNonEditable lia-copypaste-placeholder">&nbsp;</div>
<td>&lt;link to the workbook&gt;<br /><span>&lt;name of workbook&gt;</span><br /><span>Data as of [date not provided]</span></td>

Seemingly the graph or image just doesn't render. On both machine I used the same user and the same browser. Chrome in this case.  Could it be related to a software and/or security setting?




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@Anonymous thanks for taking the time to test this out.

I am using Chrome also, but tested it out in IE and have the same issue.

Good suggestion re testing in Outlook with HTML option enabled - the image also fails to copy in this case.


@v-chuncz-msft any update from Microsoft on this? As you can see, other users are also experiencing the same issue. Thanks.

Helper I
Helper I

The same for me. I don’t see any image (standard visual, no black background with white font,...). I have tried in Outlook, Word (365 ProPlus). No image was copied. I am the owner of the dataset, dataflow, workspace admin. Tenant settings OK.
My colleague will less privileges can copy the same visual and he see the image in when paste to outlook/word.




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I have actually the same issue.

When I paste, I do not the image and get only the link to the report and the meta datas.

Tryed it to word, ppt, and mail... same issue


anybody managed to solve this ?



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Same issue here. Text shows up but not the image...

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Exactly the same for us: image doesn't show, only text.

But it's this way in some devices, in others it works fine.


Even more: in my laptop, it works fine in Word (2016) but no image shows up in Excel (2016) nor Power Point (2106)...



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This bug still seems to exist?

In my scenario (Chrome, Edge, Firefox) the picture will not be copied to any Office 2016 program (32-bit). In Teams it is working fine.