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cannot add a field to values section on a pivot table in Excel

I am trying to create a pivot table from an Access database connected to PowerBI. Sadly I can't add any field to the values area as I keep getting the error "The field you're moving cannot be placed in that area of the report". 

The fields that I'm trying to add are decimal values and I can add them without an issue when I'm directly connected to the database from Excel. 

I can't think of anything that's causing the issue. Any help is appreciated. Thanks




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Are you using “Analyze in Excel” function? I think you can take a look at this thread which has the similar problem with you. You need to drag Measure into Values field but not normal fields.


cannot add a field to values section on a pivot table in Excel_1.jpg 


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Thanks for the comment @v-haibl-msft . Pardon me if I'm asking a silly question. My understanding is that 'measure' is a single value. So how can I use a 'measure' instead of a field? And how can I create a measure to imitate the field that I'm trying to add? 


Thanks in advance.

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Please refer to this document about how to create a measure in Power BI Desktop.


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Creating measures is not a challenge but what's the rationale for this? It's extremely inefficient if I have to create a measure for every field I want to use as a value in my pivot table. The fields already exist in the database and they are already assigned as SUM fields. This is completely backwards and makes the Analyze in Excel feature useless in many cases. @v-haibl-msft can you please explain the technical reason for this?


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let me support @mickjaeger question

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I agree.  This is silly and makes the analyse function pointless

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in my case I have all my fields as numeric so why I still need to declare as measures. I may want to use same numeric field as average or sum or count or with statistical function. so why is it has to be decaled as measure.