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Usage Metrics - Page Views Blank


Since Feb 14th the Page Views are not coming in. The Report Opens are being captured, but there are no stats as to what tabs of a dashboard users selected within a report. 


Taking a look at the Report Page Views table the date stops as of Feb 13th. 


This had been working for the past year so it is very odd that it just stopped. 








Status: Accepted

Hi @dsorci 

It's a known issue . The PG team is actively working on this issue and I will come back with an update if there is any progress. 


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Ailsa Tao

Advocate I

@NickG_BI Heard back yesterday and they escalated and are "hoping" to resolve asap.  🤞

Regular Visitor

@dsorci oh good! fingers crossed for sure because I think we all know hope doesn't fix the bugs ha.

Advocate I

Update: Heard back that target resolve is Monday. Will keep everyone updated. 

Advocate I

@natalieanderson @NickG_BI 

Good news, the data is back this morning - at least for me. 

Regular Visitor

@dsorci Did you get all data back? we are still missing from 2/14 thru 2/24

Advocate I

@natalieanderson Unfortunately the same here. Below is the response I received: 


“There was a regression/bug which resulted in client telemetry data loss. The regression was introduced while trying to resolve missing mobile views from the PageView count.  This attempt unfortunately caused an bug in the data ingestion of the PageViews which is a critical piece of client telemetry.  The process that aggregates the PageViews was unable to correctly complete, resulting in customers not seeing PageViews in the UsageMetrics v2 report.


This loss cannot be recovered at this time, however similar page-view data may be available in Usage Metrics V1 or, if only report-views are required, the audit logs obtained from PBI Activity Events API. Generally the report views should be based directly off audit logs which are more reliable as they get sourced from back end. For list of known limitations with client

telemetry please refer to