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Unable to copy Visual as an image

Hi I've seen this floating around with some saying that is has now been resolved, but I am still having an error when I try to copy a visual through PowerBI online. 


Something went wrong

We're not sure exactly what happened, but we couldn't copy that visual.


Is this still an issue?



Status: Delivered

Hi @delosdinh ,


This issue has been sumbitted to ICM, the id is 347983003 ,and according the message, it has been fixed.


Best regards,

Community Support Team Selina zhu

Community Support
Status changed to: Investigating

Hi @delosdinh ,


Yes, this was a known issue before, but now it has been fixed.
Please make sure you have enabled the option to allow copying of visual as images and be careful to avoid involving the relevant restrictions.

enable this option:


related limitations:


Detailed information please refer to this blog:

Announcing: Copy a Visual as an Image | Microsoft Power BI Blog | Microsoft Power BI


Best regards,

Community Support Team Selina zhu


Helper III

This issue has not been fixed. There are multiple posts on multiple forums with exactly the same issue that is not resolved.

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I have the sam eissue. Some visuals can be still copied, however majority seems to be affected. I noted the list of icons seems to be incomplete in the format pane2022-11-04 17_30_25-Status - Power BI Desktop.png

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I also encountered this problem.

I checked in the admin portal and made sure I enabled copy and paste.

It is a pie chart visual that in the past could be copied and pasted

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Yea I'm still having issues copying visuals. Started last week sometime (first time attempting in a month) and can't copy still.

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I am having the same issue in some work spaces but not others.

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I am having the same issue and it's causing problems with our dashboard users. 

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I'm starting to have users experiencing this error since last week

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Hi @v-mengzhu-msft 

Please check the issue again. It seems that this previously fixed bug is back

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For those who have this problem, this might help,. (I found the solution thanks to Microsoft Support. )


On the afftected chart, go to properties and turn off the title. Save the Report. If it works, you can then turn the title back on.