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Tooltip not appearing when hovering over filters

When you hover over an option in a drop down filter, the tooltip showing the full option no longer appears. 


It still works fine in Desktop.

Status: Delivered

Get feedback from product team, they have a fix on this issue. Fix has started to deploy into production environment region by region.

New Member

I have the same issue, I first noticed this yesterday. Indeed the problem does not occur in Power BI desktop, only in Service. I have checked for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, both have the issue.


To be clear, the tooltip that shows the full item does not appear at all on drop down selection for a slicer. This means that some 'longer' data-items can not fully be shown. Thus it is a big issue for a slicer with long items where the beginning of several values are the same or similar.


It only is a problem with slicers. This 'simple' tooltip still appears normally on items in other visuals like matrices, graphs and cards, when no functional tooltip is assigned.


Please fix this issue, as a lot of our slicers depend on this tooltip.

Community Support
Status changed to: Investigating

Hi @KatieH @SabineDCMR 


Thanks for your feedback! To make it more clear, I need to ask you several questions about this issue. 

  • Are you using the lastest version of Power BI Desktop(November 2021)?
  • Did this issue happen when you hover over an item in a Slicer visual or an item in Filter pane?
  • Is your tooltip your that you create based on a report page?
  • Could you please provide some screenshots to let me know how you configure it and what the issue look like?


Thanks in advance.


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _Caiyun



New Member

Hi, thanks for answering to my post!

We are sadly not using the most recent version of Power BI desktop at our company, our version is a year old (nov 2020), due to too high of a work load for our system admin department.

The issue is persistent in all reports in the Power BI Service, and occurs when NO tooltip is assigned, so it is the default tooltip/hover option that Power BI provides. It only happens when hovering over a slicer, in the dropdown menu when using the slicer to filter data in the report. The slicers we use don’t have the ability to be assigned a tooltip, and those are the visuals where the issue occurs. This may have changed in a later version of desktop, could that be the reason for this problem?


Screenshots below. I'm sorry for the bad quality. I had to block some visuals because of possible priviliged information, and I don't really have the right tool for that.









Advocate IV

Hi @v-cazheng-msft,


I am using the November 2021 version of the Desktop.


I have added a link to the forum where I originally raised this which includes screenshots of the issue:



Community Support

Hi All,



Thanks for your reply! Accoring to the reply from Icey in that post, this issue has been reported internally(ICM 274276165) and our product team will investigate on this issue. I will follow up this ICM and sync with you here once there is any update.



I cannot say whether this problem must be caused by an old version, and this issue has been reported internally. I will follow up it and sync here once I get feedfack from our product team. As of now, this lasted version of Power BI Desktop is November 2021. Then your version is really too old. 😄 In every update, we will fix the bug of previous versions and add some new features, so I do suggest you considering updating your desktop. 


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _Caiyun


Community Support
Status changed to: Accepted

Will follow up existing ICM for this issue.

Community Support
Status changed to: Delivered

Get feedback from product team, they have a fix on this issue. Fix has started to deploy into production environment region by region.

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Is there any link/channel where we can see the update on this? it's 12/13 but I still see the same issue on our Power BI reports from pbi service.


Hoping someone can comment on this. Thank you.