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Subscriptions are not sending



When I manually run a subscription it works fine but when running on a shedule the reports are never recieved. Everything was working fine until yesterday morning. Anyone having similiar issues?


Using SSAS but even sharepoint source reports are not working?



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Hi @WRitchie ,

I have exactly the same problem since yesterday morning, is it a global problem?

I couldn't find any solution for this anywhere.

Community Support

Hi @WRitchie ,

As far as my test, could not reproduce it in my side. I can receive the scehdule subscription normally from power bi.



Consider these limitaions about subscription in power bi:


  1. There's a limit to the number of subscribers for one report or dashboard. After you pass 200 subscribers, you may encounter issues with delivery. To reduce the number, use group email aliases instead. Each email alias counts as one subscriber.
  2. You can set up to 24 subscriptions per report or dashboard, and can provide unique recipients, times, and frequencies for each subscription. Subscriptions set to After Data Refresh for your dashboard or report only send an email after the first scheduled refresh.
  3. On rare occasions, email subscriptions may take longer than fifteen minutes to be delivered to their recipients. If this happens, we recommend running your data refresh and email subscription at different times to ensure timely delivery. If the issue persists, contact Power BI support.
  4. Your organization may configure certain settings in Azure Active Directory that limit the ability to use email subscriptions in Power BI. These limitations include, but aren't limited to, having multi-factor authentication or IP range restrictions when accessing resources.
  5. Say you have a report with a live connection to Analysis Services, and you have the subscription set to run after data refresh. It will run the first time the Power BI service detects a change in your on-premises model when it polls the Analysis Services instance. Power BI checks every hour for a change in the Analysis Services data model, to determine when to send the subscription.


If you aren't receiving subscription emails, check these factors:

  • Make sure that your User Principal Name (UPN) can receive emails.
  • Though you have a Power BI Pro or Premium Per User (PPU) license, you may not have a Microsoft Exchange license. If not, your Azure Active Directory account may not have an email or alternate email address specified. In this case, though the subscription appears to go out, you never receive a copy. If your Power BI admin assigns an email address, Power BI will synchronize the update the next time you sign in, and use that email address for the subscription.
  • If you have an alternate email address but no primary, Power BI uses that to deliver the subscription.
  • Email subscriptions are not supported when Block Public Internet Access is enabled in the Power BI admin portal.


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Yingjie Li

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I have also the same problem. July 12th everything was working fine, but since July 13th emails are not being send automatically. 

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Yes our IT deparment has logged a ticket with microsoft as we cannot figure out or see what the issue is. I am based in South Africa.

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Same problem here. Till July 12th everything was working fine, but since July 13th emails are not being send automatically. 

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Hi everyone,


@v-yingjl , I am sorry but none of these are the solution to my problem. Mail sending is successful when I run the subscription manually. The schedule subscription still doesn't work and I don't get an error alert for this.

The problem is not only in my country (Turkey) and seems to have started the same time in others too.


I entered a ticket to Microsoft support and they contacted me.

Please, let me know if you have any progress and I will do the same.

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@nrgl Thanks. Looking forward to hear from you. I will inform you as well, if it is working.

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None of your solutions fits with my problem eigher. Today I'm still experiencing this problem. 

I don't know if it is important, but I'm based in the Netherlands.

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@v-yingjl @nrgl @Anonymous @henkvankester 


My Issue has been resolved. Did nothing additional, it just started working this morning


A few of the older shcedulded reports came through but not all



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@WRitchie works since today morning. So, My Issue has also been resolved