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Subscription emails should preview data as per RLS when an admin subscribes for viewing users

Current issue is as follows:

  • I have a report which has RLS defined to it.
  • The report is published on a workspace to which users are given viewers access and have added the same users in the RLS security of the dataset.
  • When users visit the report they are able to see data filtered as per RLS.
  • But, as workspace admin I have created subscription emails for the same users mentioned above.
  • When they receive the subscription mail, the report preview showcases the complete dataset.
  • While clicking on the 'Go to report' option in the email, it navigates to the report and again the report gets filtered as per RLS.
  • Again for the same report if the user themselves subscribe then they see the filtered data preview of the report.

Not able to understand whether it's a bug or that's how MS has designed it, either ways any subscription email configured should obey the defined RLS.

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Community Support


According to my test and research, the report preview contains in the email is just a static picture that shows the current report displayed in the user that created the subscription. This is the screenshot of the preview pictures contained in the email:

Before I changed the report:



After I changed the report:



Therefore, I believe it is a function by design, you can also turn off the preview function or choose the page you want to make it previewed:




For more information:


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _Robert Qin

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Hi @v-robertq-msft,

The client's primary requirement is the preview image in the mailers so they can visit report only if required. These members are at CXO level of the organisation.


The following statement is mentioned in the document link shared:

  • For paginated and Power BI report email subscriptions, if the dataset uses row-level security (RLS), you can create subscriptions for yourself and others. Those subscriptions will run using your security context.

So as per the document statement this seems like a bug in the service.

Community Support


In my opinion, the meaning of this limitation is that the preview image in the email is baesd on the RLS content of the user which created the subscription, no matter it’s created for himself or other users.


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _Robert Qin

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Yes @v-robertq-msft, that's exactly the issue. And I feel MS should consider it in the next update, as usually admin user subscribes for the user group and being preview image being one of Power BI service's USP.

New Member

Same issue! Hope this gets fixed soon.


Best regards,


Resolver II

This one really needs an update.


For reports with a large number of users (100+) and RLS applied, having to have each user log in and subscribe themselves to ensure the correct RLS is applied in the email image makes no sense.

In most organisations it is the Admin that subscribes people, and most clients want the information in email rather than having to click through.

From my point of view this ruins the practicality of the Subscribe feature.

Regular Visitor

Any update here?  In my opinion, this is very basic feature for any reporting tool. Surprised to see Power BI is still improving with this. 

Regular Visitor

Surprised this hasn't been built yet. Most orgs have admins that subscribe execs to reports. The image sent by email should be filtered by the RLS of each recipient.