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Smart Narrative not working when viewed in Service

Suddenly Smart Narratives in PowerBI Service is not working. The smart narratives work correctly in Desktop and were previously working in service when published through the app. I get an error now that says " the smart narratives is not supported". This issue is happening on multiple reports across multiple organisations that I have published to.


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Thanks for reporting this issue. This is a regression and we are currently in the process of rolling out a fix very soon.

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A similar issue has been reported internally, so stay tuned.

CRI 246723182

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Smart Narriative seem to be working again.  Phew, I had some half-yearly reports about to kick-off.

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@srinivt - any updates on this? We are still experiencing the issue on our published dashboards.


The issue was addressed early last week itself. However, some users are still seeing the error because of caching in browser. Please clear your browser caches or open a new incognito browser window & try again. You can also try to apply a new filter which will likely not hit the cache, then you should see your smart narrative textbox working. 

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@srinivt , I've cleared my cache, applied a new filter, and used a new browser. Still experiencing the issue. It looks like the issue resolves for a moment, but when I navigate to a different report page and return the issue is back.

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@srinivt , scratch that - looks like the filter tip works. I applied a completely unrelated filter (index < 10), published, removed filter, published again, and that resolved it! Thanks very much.