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Smart Narrative & Calculation Groups incompatibility

There is a bug in the smart narrative visual honouring text formatted measures, when in combination with calculation groups. The root cause seems to be where custom format strings are set in calculation groups which causes ALL measures in model to be set to Data Type Variant. 


Other visuals struggled with this previously as per the issue psoted below, I'm not sure if that is fully resolved but in the dummy dataset card visuals seem to work fine with dynamic text string measures, but not the smart narrative visual....and it's not GA.

Further discussion:


dummy pbix 


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Kudo Collector

@Rajatt  - the link is to a blog with no mention of calculation groups. Can you clarify how it has been fixed? This still happens on the Sept release although the work around is to relink the measures in each text box to get them working again.

Microsoft Employee

It should be, try adding and removing any old smart narrative visual reference. There is a smart narrative section in ht blog. Nothing changed for calc groups but the ability of smart narrative to handle the output

Microsoft Employee

@pmcmonag You are correct, when you have a numeric operation in the calcuation group calculation item it will treats the measure like a numeric value, which in the case of text will put the visuals in an error state. What I am seeing is that this happens to all visuals, not just smart narrative. The recent smart narrative fix is so that text measures will now display in the smart narrative/text box visual!




A workaround is to wrap your calculation item DAX expression in IFERROR, like so: